Pokemon Anime episode leak teases the return of the Squirtle Squad

Pokemon Anime Squirtle Squad returnsThe Pokemon Company

Pokemon anime fans will again have the chance to experience adventures between Ash, Misty, and Brock, with leaked titles suggesting the team will encounter friends from their early journeys like the Squirtle Squad.

Pokemon anime fans are preparing for one of the most emotional arcs in the series as Ash Ketchum goes on his final adventures. The special season will contain 11 episodes, with Ash teaming back up with Misty and Brock to revisit familiar faces from the past twenty-five years.

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Many have speculated what these episodes will be about, with some anticipating an interwoven story between each new airing, and others are prepared for each of the 11 segments to be their own short story. There has even been speculation the Pokemon anime will finally give more backstory on Ash’s past, including family members like his missing father.

However, a recent leak has given fans a look at five possible titles for the first of the Pokemon anime episodes. They include references to both Ash’s traveling companion Cilan of the Black & White seasons, and the one and only Squirtle Squad.

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Pokemon anime leak includes mentions of the Squirtle Squad

In a Reddit post by HP311980 on the r/pokemonanime forum board, leaks for the first five episodes of the special season have been uploaded. The Pokemon anime leaks also include the potential air dates of each installment.

The Squirtle Squad originally debuted in the 12th episode of The Indigo League called “Here Comes the Squirtle Squad”. The rogue Water-type starters were originally abandoned by their trainers and came together to cause mischief. They are notably recognized in the Pokemon Anime by their sunglasses, with the leader wearing a pair with pointed wings.

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Fans in the comments of the Reddit post express their excitement about the episodes, with one saying “Ayeee, I’m excited about the Misty episode. Looks like she might get a new capture based on the summary. Squirtle even more so”. In another Reddit post, a Pokemon anime fan adds, “As a hardcore OS fan, this miniseries looks like a big win for us”.

For many, this last adventure with Ash and his friends is bittersweet. While Pokemon anime viewers around the world are excited to see where the show will go next, twenty-five years with the same protagonist won’t end without a few tears. Because of this, seeing iconic characters one last time is a perfect send-off for the series.

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