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Get ready for the highly anticipated arrival of Season 2 of Physical: 100 on Netflix this year. Explore the latest news, including release dates, cast speculations, and more.

After Single’s Inferno saw a rise in viewership and became Netflix‘s first reality dating series, Physical: 100 was on a pedestal to continue the platform’s stream of popularity with K-content. The concept was new and unexpected as 100 male and female contestants participated regardless of their age and weight. The goal? To see who has the best physique after a series of grueling challenges.

The finale teased they were not done looking for the best of the best. The ominous narrator hinted a Physical: 100 Season 2. On June 13, 2023, Netflix made the official announcement with Producer Jang Ho-gi promising more elaborate challenges and sets for Physical 100 Season 2 — Underground.

Despite the first season’s cast scandals and controversies, the reality competition series has fans buzzing with excitement. Here is everything we know so far about the second season and the newest must-watch series this month.

Is there a Physical: 100 Season 2 release date?

Physical: 100 Season 2 is confirmed to hit Netflix on March 19, 2024.

The first season premiered in late January of 2023, and after nine episodes, concluded its run on February 21.

According to Hypebae, contestant Jung Hae-in revealed they began filming in late July 2022 and spent roughly a week on set. Based on the official announcement, it is safe to say that production has already been completed or is well underway.

Both seasons of Single’s Inferno have been filmed in the summer and aired in late December into January. If Physical: 100 Season 2 follows the same pattern, fans can likely expect an early 2024 release date.

Netflix Tudum released the official date to be mid-March. The 2024 release window was confirmed in Netflix’s stacked K-drama preview, which you can check out below:

Physical 100 Season 2 cast: Who are the contestants?

The list of contestants for Physical: 100 Season 2 has been officially revealed. The new season will once again include a cast of physically fit individuals regardless of age, gender, nationality, or weight. The first season had its fair share of well-known celebrities and athletes like MMA fighter and TV personality Choo Sung-hoon.

Yun Sung-bin is well-regarded for his career as an Olympic skeleton racer. Fans also recognized reserve UDT soldier and YouTuber celebrity Agent H. Physical: 100 also included many popular fitness celebrities like travel vlogger Tarzan, Caro, and Song A-reum.

But the first season ran into trouble. A few of its contestants were accused of a bullying scandal and an assault case. According to AllKPop, Jang explained at the Physical: 100 Season 2 press conference that the staff has taken detailed precautions in screening new contestants. They also have met with them prior to joining the series.

Jang also addressed the gender controversy, as Season 2 will still have male and female contestants go against each other during challenges.

Netflix Tudum also gave fans a teaser of some of the contestants joining Season 2. They announced the season will star, “Kim Dong-hyun, the first Korean UFC fighter with the highest number of wins within Korea; Lee Won-hee, a gold medalist in judo; and Anthony Jung, a gold medalist in wrestling.”

As well as FBI diplomats, actors, singers, police officers, and more.

Physical: 100 Season 2 quests and theme

Fans can expect a brand new set and theme as the producer confirmed Physical: 100 Season 2 will focus on “modern construction.”

The first season of Physical: 100 was inspired by Roman Greek mythology. Fans saw quests like the Atlas Challenge, The Wings of Icarus, and more. But for the second season, Jang wanted the theme to be about mankind’s ultimate fight for survival.

“I had the objective that the first and second seasons should be clearly different. I thought I needed to make a completely different theme. I focused more on modern construction this time. During the 1950s and 60s, we as mankind had to be more fiercely competitive to survive. So I planned the motif around the times of mankind,” he explained.

Fans will have to wait and see if Netflix will tease the official set and quests before the premiere date. In the Netflix announcement, Producer Jung promised “electrifying” new quests. He explained he is working with experts to give fans the ultimate experience. Based on the magnitude of the first season’s set, Physical: 100 Season 2 will also be a massive construction project. Netflix announced the new season will take place in an underground mine.

Physical: 100 Season 2 will premiere weekly episodes on Netflix and is part of the long lineup of reality and competition series set to be released on the streaming platform.

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