Physical 100 Season 2 confirms 2024 release in first look

Gabriela Silva
Physical 100 Season 2 announcement

Netflix gears up to release Physical 100 Season 2 in 2024 – a ruthless and adrenaline-driven Korean reality competition series that pits the best athletes and muscles against each other.

Alongside K-dramas, Netflix has found a goldmine developing reality series based in Korea. Single’s Inferno was its first major success that has now been renewed every year and heading into Season 4. Physical 100 was another win that enthralled audiences as well-known athletes, bodybuilders, workout enthusiasts, and more.

The goal was to have contestants take part in a series of physical challenges to test their strength, endurance, stability, and overall physique. Physical 100 would crown the season’s “best physique.” At the end of Season 1, the ominous host announced their journey to finding the best physique wasn’t over.

Netflix announced Physical 100 Season 2 was in the works and now has a 2024 release date window.

Physical 100 Season 2 will be bigger and better

The official teaser for Season 2 reveals a new cast of contestants and first looks at the new challenges they will go through.

It opens with an intricate maze with sandbags placed at the center. The scene then shifts to all the contestants testing their endurance on a treadmill. Based on the teaser, the contestants will have to try and collect as many sandbags as possible while trying to find their way out of the maze.

Another challenge involves a dighting ring where two contestants will have to fight for possession of a ball. Small snippets also reveal another wrestling water pit and trying to stay in possession of a medicine ball like in the first season. The new cast looks just as athletic, chiseled, muscular, and able as the first season. But looks aren’t everything if they aren’t useful for the most grueling challenges.

For now, the cast list is unknown. But if fans are quick enough they can spot one well-known celebrity athlete. Kim Dong-hyun seems to have joined Physical 100 Season 2 as one of its contestants. The 42-year-old mixed martial artist has made a name for himself after his career appearing in variety shows. But will he be able to take on other athletes who might be in their prime?

Physical 100 Season 2 has no set release date yet for 2024.