One Piece: The Spanish literature behind Dressrosa’s passionate killing

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The Dressrosa Saga in One Piece introduces the concept of passionate women killing their traitorous lovers – this concept draws heavily on the Spanish literature of the 19th century.

With each saga, Eiichiro Oda introduces something new in the anime. Every island has its own architecture, culture, and history. This expansive worldbuilding makes One Piece one of the greatest stories in the world. In the Dressrosa Saga, Oda portrays the stellar Spanish theme. 

The people, the homes, clothes, flamenco dancers, food like paella, and even the common occurrences are somewhat related to Spanish culture. Dressrosa’s architecture is similar to that of Park Güell, a garden complex designed by Antoni Gaud in Barcelona. Furthermore, the term “corrida” from Corrida Coliseum refers to the traditional Spanish activity of bullfighting.

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When the Straw Hat pirates arrive in the Dressrosa Kingdom, they are amazed by the beauty of the unusual place. The walking toys, the flowers, and the surroundings are unlike they have ever seen. The Kingdom even believes in the legend of fairies, which are later revealed to the Tontatta Tribe. However, the one thing that intrigues everyone the most is the passionate murders being daily occurrences. 

What is Passionate Killing in Dressrosa?

Dressrosa is famous for its flower fields, cuisine, passionate women, and battle colosseum. The women are as beautiful as they are violent. The Kingdom exudes romance, but with romance comes heartbreak and jealousy. The women in Dressrosa are not the types to accept acts of cheating.

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They are also more prone to violent jealousy as they end up killing or at least fatally wounding their lovers if they upset them. It is so common there that Zoro actually worries about Sanji being a victim of such an act. 

The Spanish Literature of the 19th Century

Dressrosa’s passionate killing is commonly present in Spanish Literature, particularly during the Romantic era in the early 19th century. Romanticism is a common theme in traditional Spanish Literature that portrays the romanticists’ longings for passionate love. 

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It also portrays sudden and quick abandonments as well as exaltation and distaste. These negative feelings compel an individual to commit an act of murder in the “heat of passion.” Examples of these can be seen in the works of José de Espronceda, a Romantic Spanish poet, one of the most representative authors of the 19th century.

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