Invincible Season 2: How is Donald still alive?

Cameron Frew
Donald in Invincible Season 2Prime Video

Invincible Season 2 is approaching the end of its first part, and we’re still waiting on an answer to a huge question: how is Donald still alive?

Invincible is off to an incredible start in its sophomore season. In our review of the first episode, we called it a “gruesome, thundering tonic to the MCU’s hollow programming, and a superb reintroduction to one of the best shows on TV.”

It picks up shortly after the “titans touching down in Chicago”, aka when Mark faced off against his dad, Omni-Man, in a no-holds-barred battle in the sky and through the ground that led to the deaths of many innocent people.

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We know Cecil had his suspicions about Omni-Man betraying mankind for a while, so he’d tasked Donald with spying on him… and let’s just say, he wasn’t happy about it. Yet, he showed up in the first episode of Season 2, begging the question: what is going on with Donald?

This article will reveal spoilers from the original comic book, which may be incorporated into the series. This is your chance to stop reading before you ruin anything for yourself.

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How is Donald still alive in Invincible Season 2?

While unconfirmed in the show, Donald is likely alive because he’s not a human at all – he’s a cyborg.

Donald and Omni-Man in InvinciblePrime Video

In Season 1, Donald had a memorable death: Omni-Man stormed into the house after murdering the GDA agents in his home, shrugged off machine gun fire, and crumpled Donald’s spine like an empty Capri-Sun. With his last breaths, Donald then said, “It’s been an honour, sir” before whacking the self-destruct button and blowing up the house.

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He went out with a bang… or so we thought. Around 20 minutes into the episode, we see Donald overseeing the GDA’s operation with the Giant, and he appears again shortly while investigating the Mauler twins’ activity with Angstrom Levy.

Nothing is made of his appearance. Nobody makes any comments regarding his apparent death. But it definitely happened, so there’s something fishy going on.

In the comics, Donald was once a human field agent, but Cecil recovered his body after he was killed during a mission and managed to preserve a portion of his brain. In theory, Donald is immortal – even if we see him die again, he could just be rebuilt.

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It’s unclear how the character’s story will progress throughout Season 2, but we’re banking on Donald playing a larger role.

Invincible Season 2 Episodes 1-3 are available to stream on Prime Video now, which you can sign up for here. Check out our other coverage below:

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