Hell’s Paradise: The fundamental difference between Samurai and Ninja

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In Hell’s Paradise, there’s a clear distinction between Samurai and Ninja. Even though they are fundamentally different, the series features them working together to meet their goals. 

Hell’s Paradise is considered one of the series among the dark trio of the shonen anime genre. It is based on the manga of the same name that follows Gabimaru the Hollow, a 16-year-old elite shinobi assassin. He faces the death penalty and can only be forgiven for his crimes if he finds the Elixir of Life. 

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The Shogunate sends ten criminals facing the death penalty on an expedition searching for the Elixir. These criminals are accompanied by the Yamada Asaemon, who are liable to execute those breaking the rules.

The major characters in the series, Gabimaru, a shinobi and Sagiri, a samurai, are forced to team up to survive the treacherous island of Shinsenkyo. Here’s what fans need to know about the Samurai and Ninja in Hell’s Paradise.

How are Samurai portrayed in Hell’s Paradise?

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Samurai are soldiers who serve a daimyo or feudal lord as loyal retainers. They are high-ranking swordsmen who are blindly loyal to their Shogun. The samurai live by the ethical code of conduct known as “bushido,” literally meaning the way of the warrior. 

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The code emphasizes the principles of honor, frugality, righteousness, courage, benevolence, respect, sincerity, loyalty, and self-control. According to Bushido, a samurai who loses their sense of honor must perform a suicide ritual known as seppuku to redeem himself or their family’s honor. 

While the men are considered warriors, the women of the samurai class are responsible for maintaining the household. The feudal society looks down on those who want to live independent lives. Among Samurai, a class of Ronin exist who are without a master. 

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Since the Ronin do not serve any lord, they are unable to benefit from the government, meaning it can be difficult for them to earn a livelihood. The Yamada Clan in Hell’s Paradise are a clan of Ronin who earn their livelihood by sword testing, executing criminals, and making medicines. 

How are Shinobi portrayed in Hell’s Paradise?

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Ninjas are mercenaries who are employed to complete secret and assassination-related activities. The male ninjas are called Shinobi, while the female ones are called Kunoichi. They reside in villages overseen by a chief who is commonly chosen for his strength. 

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A shinobi who decides to leave their village is labelled as a Nukenin, which literally translates as “runaway Shinobi.” They are pursued until they are eliminated according to village law. Shinobi have far greater physical prowess than any ordinary human. 

They can use special fighting techniques called Jutsu. The three classifications of Jujtsu are Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, and Genjutsu. Ninjutsu refers to the primary Ninja Techniques where Ninjas use supernatural powers such as emitting fire. 

Taijutsu involves the use of a shinobi’s Shinobi’s superhuman physical abilities in martial arts. Lastly, Genjutsu means illusionary techniques that allow a Ninja to cast illusions to fool their targets.

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The characteristics that distinguish Samurai and Ninja in Hell’s Paradise

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There are two fundamental differences between Samurai and Ninja in Hell’s Paradise. First, Samurai have a great sense of honor and undying faith in their lords. They would even give up their lives without question if it would be for the sake of their lords. 

However, Ninjas, on the other hand, are mercenaries who merely adapt to the situation as they see fit. Though their village chief leads them, the sense of loyalty isn’t as deep as a Samurai’s. Another major distinction is the difference in powers. 

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Samurai are capable swordsmen but do not possess superhuman abilities like Ninjas. Not only are Ninjas unparalleled in terms of physical strength, but they can also even use abilities that are beyond human comprehension.

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