5 heartbreaking Heartstopper moments fans can’t wait to see in Season 3

Jasmine Valentine
Nick and Charlie in Heartstopper Season 3

We don’t have a trailer yet, but we have had our first look at Heartstopper Season 3. These new photos hint at huge changes from the books and also tease some of the most emotional moments yet.

While we’re still three months away from binge-watching Heartstopper Season 3 until we sob, the marketing campaign for the Netflix drama is nothing short of meticulous.

So far, we’ve seen a date announcement teaser, a cryptic puzzle that sent viewers across the internet searching for clues, and now our first-look images for the new episodes.

You might recognize a scene or two from the original illustrations in book four of Alice Oseman’s graphic novel series, and we’re on hand to break down what we’re going to see. Warning: Possible spoilers ahead!

Heartstopper Season 3: The Paris gang’s trip to the beach

In Heartstopper Season 2, we saw the gang graduate and head off on their separate journeys into higher education. In the books, the timeline is slightly different – Nick, Charlie, and their friends are still in school during book 4, although the moment their parents meet for the first time was brought forward in the TV show.

This means that we’re still yet to see the gang’s day trip to the seaside after their school trip to Paris – and it’s a scene that holds some important moments. Hitting the waves with Elle, Darcy, Tao, Sahar, Tara, and Isaac, Charlie admits to Elle that he wants to tell Nick that he’s in love with him.

The group all notice that Charlie seems particularly stressed out, and isn’t accepting snacks when they’re being offered to the group. Nick has a flashback to googling how to support someone with an eating disorder, increasingly worried that Charlie isn’t getting the help he needs.

Nick tells Charlie that he thinks he has an eating disorder, trying to convince Charlie to talk to his parents about it. The two share a kiss under the waves, with Nick fielding the attention away from Charlie not eating. 

Meanwhile, Sahar discusses being nervous about joining the gang’s sixth form. Elle admits that she doesn’t feel comfortable or safe visiting her grandma in Egypt. 

Charlie gets help with his eating disorder

After Charlie and Nick celebrate the New Year together, Heartstopper fast-forwards to March. Charlie is working with his therapist, Geoff, to work through his issues with eating – and judging by this image, we’re set to see that journey begin in Season 3.

Charlie has been in therapy since the previous November, and spent a few weeks in a psych ward while working with Geoff and a nutritionist. He reveals that he’s not only been diagnosed with Anorexia but also OCD.

When he returns home, Geoff helps Charlie to realize that he has suppressed his past few years of trauma, including the initial bullying we see touched on in Season 1. 

While he thinks sister Tori feels guilty – though she’s met a new guy called Michael – Nick remains Charlie’s constant, helping him through the worst, which includes harming himself again. 

Nick and Charlie are separated 

Don’t worry… that’s not as bad as you think it is. Heartstopper Season 3 sees Nick and Charlie separated for the first time since Charlie’s mum tried to keep them apart, as Nick goes on holiday to Menorca with his family.

As expected, the pair constantly text each other. While some relatives are supportive and invite Charlie to join them next year, older brother David is doing everything he can to make Nick feel uncomfortable. 

After three weeks, the pair are missing each other more than ever, leading to the phone call pictured. Nick asks Charlie how he’s getting on with his eating, and Charlie claims his mum will have a go at him if he brings up anything too emotional.

Quickly slamming the phone down, Nick turns to his mum for advice on how best to support Charlie. We know that Olivia Colman won’t be returning for new episodes, so it’s unclear how this might pan out.   

The introduction of Oliver Spring

Oliver Spring in Heartstopper Season 3

For fans of the original books, it’s probably been frustrating that one character never appeared in the Netflix series – Charlie and Tori’s younger brother, Oliver. While we meet him back in book one, Oseman decided to cut him from the adaptation after being worried the role wouldn’t be done justice.

However, they’ve clearly had a change of heart, as the youngest Spring is making their debut in Heartstopper Season 3… as a younger cousin.

Speaking to Tudum, Oseman explained, “Oliver Spring will be making a small but festive appearance in Season 3 of Heartstopper as a younger cousin of Tori and Charlie. I’m so excited for the fans of the show to meet this beloved character from the comics!”

The emphasis on ‘festive’ implies that we will also be following Nick and Charlie as they spend their first Christmas together, alongside the New Year’s Eve party, which are also featured in book 4. 

Nick and Charlie’s IRL “I Iove you”

Nick and Charlie in Heartstopper Season 3

Deep breaths, everyone… it’s time for the big moment. We’ve already had the initial “I love you” moment – which was Charlie texting it to Nick before immediately regretting it – but so far, nothing has been said in person.

Judging by the Season 3 photo, this scene looks like it will be recreated frame-by-frame. After spending time at Nick’s, Charlie is with him in the bathroom, blurting out that he loves Nick before running out of the room… and then out of the house entirely.

Nick is astounded, heading to chase Charlie down the road before remembering that he’s wearing no more than a towel. Once dressed, Nick catches up with Charlie on the way back to his house. Standing in the middle of the street, the two share their first official “I love you” with each other in the cutest redo ever. 

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