Heartstopper Season 3 challenges fans to find secret letters for “special treat”

Jasmine Valentine
Nick (Kit Connor) and Charlie (Joe Locke) in Heartstopper season 3... hopefully.

Netflix is up to something… and it changes everything. Heartstopper fans are currently being sent into meltdown – and cryptic clues are promising something special in store for Season 3.

While Alice Oseman’s hit graphic novels have given fans a good idea about what’s still to come, we know fairly little about Heartstopper Season 3.

It’s happening, it’s coming this year, and its release date corresponds with the different seasons we see in the books… and that’s about it. The date announcement teaser confirmed our favorite couple Nick and Charlie (Kit Connor and Joe Locke) will return – though Olivia Colman won’t be back – but the streaming service has kept quiet about the rest… until now.

Fans are losing their minds after Netflix posted a series of cryptic clues revealing a password that unlocks a “very special treat” at 4:30pm BST. If you don’t want help solving it… look away now.

As the above post states, there are “6 Heartstopper images, 6 hidden letters,” which you can find hidden on Netflix X/Twitter accounts in the UK, US, Brazil, Netherlands, Spain, and Latin America.

In each posted image, a word is (fairly obviously) hidden in the scene, which amounts to R, E, O, I, L, and V. You might think this password will lead back to Charlie’s declaration of love for Nick… but you’d be mistaken.

Instead, the password spells “Oliver,” who is Charlie’s younger brother in the graphic novels. Despite this, he’s never appeared in the binge-worthy TV show, because (according to fan events) Oseman didn’t want the stress of casting a child actor, fearing it wouldn’t do the Spring family “justice.”

When you unlock the special content – preview photos of Season 3 – it’s confirmed that Oliver will be featured in Season 3 as the Spring’s younger cousin, but it sent fans into a spiral beforehand regardless.

“I don’t do puzzles bestie what is this?!” one panicked, with a second agreeing: “They makin’ us work for it.”


“What in the Taylor Swift Easter egg level chaos is this,” another added.

You can enter the password here at the above time to find out what’s in store.

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