Deadpool & Wolverine trailer reveals Lady Deadpool, and fans have a theory for who it is

Jessica Cullen
Lady Deadpool in Deadpool & Wolverine

Marvel’s new Deadpool & Wolverine trailer drops a sneak peak of Lady Deadpool, and everyone thinks they know who’s playing her.

Another day, another Deadpool & Wolverine trailer. While the upcoming Marvel movie is intent on showing us as much as they can before the new movie actually drops, some fans are using the time to scrutinize every single frame.

The newest trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine dropped on June 8. Plenty of fans spotted what looks like Vinnie Jones’ Juggernaut lingering in the background of a shot, but most are obsessed with a flash of what looks like Lady Deadpool’s legs.

It’ll come as a surprise to no-one that this new Marvel movie is due for some universe-hopping antics, meaning we’ll likely be seeing a whole slate of Deadpool and Wolverine variants. One is Lady Deadpool, and with the brief shot of her legs, fans have already started placing their bets on who will play Deadpool’s feminine alter-ego.

One name rises above all others: Ryan Reynold’s real-life partner, Blake Lively.

Initially, theories surrounding Taylor Swift were swirling within the fandom. But now, with the newest Deadpool & Wolverine trailer, everyone seems to be certain that it’s Lively. (You can see the moment for yourself at the 0:29 mark above.)

As one Reddit user wrote: “It has to be Blake. Would love it if she doesn’t die. Just leaves and as she does he says ‘See you at home’ or similar.”

Others were on the same page, adding: “Want Blake Lively to be Lady Deadpool sooooooooooo bad. Just for her chemistry with Ryan.” And: “Ryan Reynolds has consistently stated Blake is the funny one in the family. It would be great to see this.”

Over on X, the idea is the same. One user wrote: “If this is not Blake Lively then what is the point???”

“Serena Van Der Woodsen is going to eat this roleee,” said another, referring to Lively’s iconic Gossip Girl character.

“Is there any doubt this will be played by Blake Lively?” asked one user.

Lively is most well-known for starring on Gossip Girl between 2007 and 2012. She’s also due to star in the upcoming (and polarizing) adaption of Colleen Hoover’s novel, It Ends With Us, which will release in August this year.

While there’s no guarantee that it’s Lively’s legs in the trailer (Taylor Swift has been a major long-time rumor for the upcoming MCU movie), you can bet she’d be just one of many Deadpools running around.

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