Deadpool 3 director reveals drug joke was inspired by a real conversation

Christopher Baggett
Deadppol 3 Wade and

One of the most memorable parts of the first Deadpool & Wolverine trailer was a fourth wall break about how much the film can talk about drug use, but it turns out that was based on a real conversation.

Deadpool 3 isn’t pulling any punches with its crass marketing, but it is still beholden to the wishes of the MCU. One scene in the first trailer alludes to this when during Wade’s birthday party, Blind Al casually asks Wade if he wants to partake in illegal drugs.

“Hey! Cocaine is the one thing that Feige said was off-limits!” Deadpool says to Al in a hushed whisper.

(Scene starts at 2:18)

What follows is banter of the two debating alternate names for cocaine that were supposedly also shot down by the real-life President of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, including “Bolivian marching powder,” “disco dust,” and “do you want to build a snowman.”

According to director Shawn Levy, that joke stems from a real conversation he had with Kevin Feige about how much Deadpool & Wolverine could reference drug use.

“I’m so wary of what I can say, but certainly there were early conversations about overt drug use,” Levy tells Total Film. “And we thought that was an interesting conversation. Let’s actually write a dialogue scene about having had it.”

Deadpool & Wolverine has, of course, already made history as the potentially edgiest MCU film to date, securing an R-rating in line with its two stars latest outing. It’s leaning into that rating, too, including a vulgar PSA chastising fans who didn’t silence their phones.

But that hasn’t stopped it from being the source of minor controversy, especially as the trailers have had to censor some aspects, such as the pegging line from the same trailer.

Regardless of the controversy, the film is already breaking records and is slated to be one of the biggest releases of the summer. It just may not have as many instances of Deadpool using “Forest bump” as its stars had hoped.

Deadpool & Wolverine will be in theaters on July 26. While you’re waiting, read all about the Deadpool creator’s mysterious Disney beef or where to get the Deadpool & Wolverine friendship necklace.

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