Deadpool & Wolverine best friend necklace is real — you just have to find it

Gabriela Silva
Deadpool & Wolverine chatting in a field.

While everyone is hyped for Deadpool & Wolverine, fans want to get their hands on a piece of merchandise that screams best friends forever like a necklace.

During the initial marketing for the new movie, they released a poster of a Deadpool and Wolverine best friends necklace. Fans were eager to know if the necklace was real, but were saddened to learn it wasn’t readily available and only Blake Lively had an official version.

It was later revealed it could be bought as part of a special ticket package. The necklace is real and available in select areas — you just have to keep your eyes open. On X/Twitter, a fan went to see Furiosa and stumbled upon a claw machine with the necklace inside a plastic egg.

“Went to watch #Furiosa, and found this amazing #DeadpoolAndWolverine Claw machine!!! You get one try for every Deadpool and Wolverine ticket you’ve bought @CineplexMovies,” they explained.

The directions are simple and your money is no good to win the necklace. Instead, anyone who has purchased tickets to Deadpool & Wolverine must show proof at guest services. You’ll receive a golden ticket to use for the claw machine and retrieve your egg.

You may be thinking, “What if I don’t grab an egg with my token?” If you’re going solo, tough luck. The rules state one token is given for each ticker, so one per person.

But the real question is: Where do you find the claw machine? According to the original tweet, the machine was found at one of the CinePlex locations in Canada.

On Reddit, one fan found the machine at their local AMC theater in Florida. It may be that fans will just have to keep an eye out at their local theater or hit a few locations to find the machine.

With a few popping up here and there, it’s unclear if more will become available closer to the movie’s release date. Happy hunting!

Deadpool & Wolverine will release in theaters on July 26, 2024. You can catch up on the latest news of the movie’s cameos, its Easter eggs, and whether it’s appropriate for children.