Deadpool & Wolverine appear in hilarious ad for TV show you’d never expect

Jasmine Valentine
A still from the Deadpool & Wolverine trailer

We’re mere weeks away from Deadpool & Wolverine’s release, yet the lovable duo has just dropped the most unexpected collab with one of our favorite reality TV shows.

The closer we get to Deadpool & Wolverine, the more its hype is the perfect tonic for an MCU at crisis point. Regardless of whether it’s liked or loathed, the Marvel movie’s marketing campaign has been on point, from popcorn buckets to superhero-inspired pizzas.

Now, that’s taken the form of the most unexpectedly hilarious TV crossover with ABC reality show The Bachelorette. In the clip, Wolverine tries to explain to the Bachelor Nation why Deadpool 3 is the perfect date night movie… all while holding the show’s infamous red rose.

When he isn’t up to the job, Deadpool takes over, motioning for the camera to zoom in on Wolverine’s butt over his explanation – and unsurprisingly, fans have gone wild for it.

“A nice BEHIND the scenes look at a great show,” one joked, while another added, “Their marketing team has been working overtime.”

A third weighed in, “One of the greatest duos of all time!” with a fourth agreeing, “Man this sh** is hilarious, this movie is gonna be great.”

While some fans have lost it over Deadpool’s use of “no cap” and Wolverine’s infamous photo meme, others think there is an issue – why does Deadpool & Wolverine need more advertisement anyway?

A fifth fan mused, “I’m definitely NOT complaining. This ad is funny as hell. I am curious as to WHY we need ads to sell #DeadpoolAndWolverine. It sells itself… like flying cars or pre-softened butter. People already WANT this, we don’t need to spend the money to sell them on it.”

“Can this f**king movie come out already? I’m so sick of the marketing!” another tweeted.

“This marketing campaign thinks it’s soooo goated,” one fan added.

While it’s the next in line, Deadpool & Wolverine isn’t the only upcoming Marvel project to double down on its marketing this month, with Agatha All Along following suit with its first trailer.

Meanwhile, The Bachelorette Season 21 kicked off last night, with Jenn meeting the 25 contestants – Wolverine not included – vying for a rose.

Deadpool & Wolverine hits theaters on July 25, 2024. For more superheroes, check out our guides to Spider-Man 4 and Captain America 4. Or, check out all the best movies of 2024 so far.

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