Deadpool & Wolverine is already breaking R-rated movie records

Christopher Baggett
Wade Wilson and Wolverine in Deadpool & Wolverine movie.

Excitement for Deadpool & Wolverine is reaching a fever pitch, and any concerns about the film’s R-rating holding it back are quickly being blown out of the water.

The upcoming film is the only MCU project releasing in 2024, but it’s a doozy. It finally sees Wolverine and Deadpool join the MCU, and it’s already promising all the R-rated violence and language you can expect.

That R-rating is often perceived as a death knell for summer blockbusters like Deadpool & Wolverine, as it limits the size of the audience. However, AMC CEO Adam Aron has revealed that not only is it selling well, but it’s actually shattering records.

“Some 200,000 movie fans have bought their AMC tickets already,” Aron explained on X/Twitter. “This is more Day 1 ticket sales at AMC than for any other R-rated movie ever.”

The numbers don’t lie: the film is making money, but it shouldn’t be that surprising. According to Box Office Mojo, Deadpool and Deadpool 2 are #4 and #3, respectively, on the list of highest-grossing worldwide films with an R rating.

It’s an almost heartwarming payoff, considering the controversy that once surrounded Deadpool’s rating. The R rating was originally a contentious point for the first film, and many fans were concerned that the film would be given a neutered PG-13 rating.

In a surprising move, Fox embraced the R rating. The decision paid off, as the franchise is only beaten out by 2023’s Oppenheimer at #2 and 2019’s Joker at #1 for the highest-grossing R-rated film worldwide. That success also opened the door for 2017’s R-rated Wolverine flick, Logan, which is the 8th highest.

Disney has surprisingly embraced that R rating, too. Star Ryan Reynolds was even impressed by how far they let him go with the film, saying of Disney he was “really proud of them for doing this” in an interview with Fandango.

Deadpool & Wolverine may not be suitable for kids, but those of us who are grown can finally see it in theaters on July 26. While you’re waiting, you can check out every Deadpool & Wolverine cameo we know about so far or why fans are so convinced Taylor Swift is in Deadpool 3.