Deadpool & Wolverine explicit PSA leaks online after playing in theaters

Gabriela Silva
Wolverine and Deadpool at the TVA in Deapool & Wolverine movie

Everyone hates when someone’s phone rings in the theaters, with Deadpool & Wolverine’s comical PSA hitting theaters ahead of its release.

We’re two months away from Deadpool & Wolverine available to watch in theaters. But the movie is already starting promotion, debuting a public service announcement for moviegoers ahead of their oncoming attraction.

The PSA, which was previously shown at CinemaCon, has now leaked online, with an X video showing Deadpool and Wolverine on screen in their iconic suits. They’re ready for some action until they hear a phone ring.

In true Deadpool fashion, the two superheroes break the fourth wall to address the audience members. While Deadpool takes on a calmer approach, it pisses Wolverine off, leading to a slew of bleeped bad words. Deadpool is left to try and calm him down.

Wolverine’s hyped-up testosterone also does something erotic to Deadpool, and you can hear the audience members laughing. The PSA ends with Deadpool kindly asking everyone to silence their phones. He even addresses Wolverine doing a great job at a fourth wall break.

The PSA was well-received among fans with one commenting, “Can we play this all the time, in all cinemas, for the rest of eternity.”

Many called it marketing gold with one fan saying, “This is prime time marketing for Deadpool & Wolverine, and tbh they should play this PSA at every movie theater just before a movie starts.”

Between the movie’s trailer, first looks, and the PSA, fans are excited about how the movie will change the MCU.

“From what I’ve seen, this movie will legitimately save the MCU from the spiral of mediocrity it’s been stuck in since Endgame,” explained one fan.

Deadpool & Wolverine is set to release on July 26, 2024, in theaters, and you can read up on all the Easter Eggs teased in the trailer, and new movies releasing.