Captain America 4 set photos reveal new Sam Wilson suit

Kayla Harrington
Sam Wilson wears his Captain America suit

While production of Captain America: New World Order has been kept under wraps, leaked set photos have revealed that Sam Wilson has a new suit in Captain America 4.

Excitement surrounding the fourth Captain America movie has been at an all-time high since the film was announced in July 2022. Ever since Sam Wilson was handed the torch to be Captain America in The Falcon and the Winter Solider, Marvel fans have been eager to see him in action as the star-spangled hero.

Not much is known about the plot of Captain America 4, but there have been some cast announcements with Harrison Fold playing the role of Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross, the president of the United States, and Liv Tyler reprising her role of Betty Ross, a cellular biologist, Thaddeus’ daughter, and Bruce Banner’s former girlfriend. Recently, WWE champion wrestler Seth Rollins was spotted on set and is alleged to be part of the antagonist group.

Since fans are starving for crumbs about the production, their patience was rewarded when newly leaked set pictures made the rounds on Twitter showcasing that Sam has a brand new Captain America suit.

Here’s everything we know about Sam Wilson’s new Captain America suit.

Captain America 4 changes the suit from The Falcon and the Winter Solider

The leaked Captain America 4 set pictures show that Sam Wilson is sporting a new suit that’s slightly different than the one he ended with in The Falcon and the Winter Solider.

It may be a bit hard to see, but the suit is more similar to Steve Rogers’ Captain America suit than the one Bucky Barnes, with the help of the Dora Milaje, gifted him at the end of TFATWS. It seems to be the same color and fabric as Steve’s, which is such a radical change from Bucky’s version of the suit. In case you forget what the original suit looked like, check it out below:

Anthony Mackie with Harri

According to Screen Rant, Sam’s Captain America suit differed from Steve in various and vital ways. Steve’s suit incorporated chain mail, a star on the chest, and the Avengers’ logo; as Steve was a super solider, he didn’t need a lot of body armor for protection since he could heal incredibly fast.

Sam’s original suit has more body armor protection (particularly on his chest), his gloves were turned into gauntlets, his visor has sensor technology, and his wings allow him to fly and shield himself in case of an explosion or crash in the same ways we saw him do before in movies such as Captain America: Civil War. There’s also Redwing, Sam’s combat and reconnaissance drone, is also a part of the suit.

From this set photo, it seems like Captain America 4 will see Sam done a more traditional Captain America suit with the chainmail and star logo, which is such a shame because his suit from TFATWS was the perfect blend of his old life as Falcon and his new mantle as Captain America. But, since these are just set photos and nothing has been officially stated, this could be a red herring. Fans will just have to wait til Marvel drops the official trailer to know for sure.

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