Leaked Captain America 4 photo reveals weird creatures, and fans are confused

Christopher Baggett
Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson in Captain America Brave New World

A Captain America 4 set photo has hit the web, and it’s only made fans even more confused about the upcoming MCU film.

The images come courtesy of Atlanta Filming, an Instagram account that highlights set photos from projects being filmed in Georgia. The latest Captain America: Brave New World set photo has something honestly crazy in it, though.

The image almost looks like a wet market. However, the creatures seen hanging out to dry look unlike anything in the real world. They’re short, stout things with long tails and spikes along their spines.

“Captain America 4 is going weird. Don’t ask. I don’t know. or do I? No, really in this case I have no idea.” atlanta_filming said of the photos.

Fans are also confused, but that hasn’t stopped them from speculating. Guesses range from the creatures being soul eaters from Shang-Chi to the scene being a Madripoor wet market, which would signal a return to a key The Falcon & The Winter Soldier location.

Previous set photos were fairly standard fare for a Captain America movie, consisting of humvees and military types. These photos are the first hint of anything otherworldly for the film, other than teases that The Hulk himself would appear.

Most interestingly among the reshoots has been Giancarlo Esposito‘s mystery character, with both Esposito’s stuntman and the Breaking Bad actor himself seen filming for the project. Esposito’s character is reportedly a new addition, with no clues as to who he is playing yet.

Captain America: Brave New World will be released on February 14, 2025. The release date follows several delays, having been pushed back from two previous 2024 release dates. The film has been set up in Georgia for reshoots since then after reportedly disastrous test screenings.

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