New AMD GPUs are coming out very soon according to CEO

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RX 7900 XT vertical mouted

AMD CEO, Dr. Lisa Su has revealed that AMD will be launching brand-new RDNA 3 graphics cards this quarter during the company’s Q1 2023 earnings call.

AMD has been pretty quiet as of late, following the release of its powerful Zen 5 3D CPUs. Gamers have been eagerly awaiting their next graphics cards. During its Q1 2023 earnings call, AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su confirmed that we would be seeing brand-new GPUs coming soon.

A statement from Dr. Lisa Su claims the following:

“In gaming graphics, channel sell-through of our Radeon 6000 and Radeon 7000 series GPUs increased sequentially. We saw strong sales of our high-end Radeon 7900 XTX GPUs in the first quarter, and we’re on track to expand our RDNA 3 GPU portfolio with the launch of new mainstream Radeon 7000 series GPUs this quarter.”

We’ve already heard about the RX 7600 XT, which could be released soon, but it’s also possible that we will also see additional gaming graphics cards to compete in the higher-end, too.

Is AMD going to be cheaper than Nvidia?

AMD RX 7900

It’s likely that AMD’s higher-end graphics cards, which are as yet unannounced will be priced impressively when compared to Nvidia’s high-end offering. The RTX 4070 Ti begins at $799, leaving a lot of room for AMD to deliver a competitor that can compete when in pure rasterization scenarios.

One thing to also note however when considering picking up a new graphics card, is the ever-faster proliferation of technology like DLSS 3, which can significantly boost framerates in gaming titles. This is something that AMD just doesn’t have access to, which could be a factor in your next GPU purchasing decision.

AMD GPUs have not even started ranking on the Steam Hardware Survey

According to the Steam Hardware Survey as of April 2023, AMD’s newest graphics cards have barely made a dent in the overall market share for PC gamers. Every graphics card, except for the RTX 4070 is currently present on the list, while the RX 7900 XT and XTX are still nowhere to be found, with less than 0.31% of market share among Steam users.

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