Lenovo Legion Go handheld leaks with obvious Nintendo Switch influence

Joel Loynds
Lenovo Legion Go front off to the side

Lenovo’s resurrected goals for producing a gaming handheld appear to be coming to fruition much quicker than expected, as images of their Legion Go handheld have leaked online.

Rumors of the Lenovo Legion Go came to light at the start of the month. It came as a bit of a surprise, as the company’s prior plans to launch an Android handheld were canned. Lenovo had also recently shut down its gaming phone division too.

However, looking at the leaked images from a Windows Central report, the revamped Legion Go appears to have a huge Nintendo Switch influence. On the back of the handheld, Lenovo appears to have fitted the device with a similar-sized flap-stand to the Switch OLED. While this might seem like a logical inclusion, neither Asus, Valve or Ayaneo have released a handheld with this included.

The controllers also taking a leaf from Nintendo’s handheld – something that Pimax and OneXPlayer have also done. The Joycon-esque controllers appear to be connected by a similar connection to the Pimax Portal, which uses strong magnets to keep them in place.

We’re pleased to note that one of the controllers, which Windows Central says has been called “nunchucks”, has a trackpad on it. In both the Ayaneo 2S and Asus ROG Ally reviews, we pointed out that Windows 11 on these types of devices can be a headache to navigate, even with a touch screen.

Also included are back paddle buttons, bringing the full experience together.

The back also features a huge fan grill, presumably to get in front of the heat these devices can wind up outputting.

Lenovo Legion Go specs are still unknown

The Lenovo Legion Go appears to possess an 8-inch screen. However, we still don’t know exactly what internals will be included.

If we were to hazard a guess, we’d expect to see the AMD 7040 series of chips land inside. Both Ayaneo and AOKZOE have chosen the 7840U, while Asus has its own custom chip, the Z1 and Z1 Extreme. The Z1 is actually adjacent to the 7840U in terms of performance.

We’re hoping to hear more about the Lenovo Legion Go before the end of the year.

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