Ayaneo Kun unveiled: Huge battery beats Steam Deck & ROG Ally

Sayem Ahmed
Ayaneo Kun handheld in white on a dreamlike landscape

The Ayaneo Kun has finally been fully revealed, and we’ve got all the details you need to know about the company’s latest handheld device.

It’s been a few weeks since the initial teasers for the Ayaneo Kun landed, and the handheld is looking even better than we once thought, thanks to a handful of crucial new features. The company has been rapidly iterating on several of its handhelds, and the Kun looks like one of the most fully-featured designs yet.

The handheld was revealed with several key new features, including hall-sensing sticks, and Windows Hello support, alongside a promising heat dissipation system that promises potent performance. However, the chipset inside will be the 7840U, which we’ve previously seen rebadged in the ROG Ally and in the Ayaneo 2S.

The biggest handheld console battery

Our main complaint with handheld devices like the Steam Deck and ROG Ally is that they run out of battery incredibly quickly, especially when gaming on high wattages. The Ayaneo Kun is outfitted with an outrageously large 75Wh (19500mAh) battery, which is significantly more than any other gaming handheld that has come before it. For reference, the Steam Deck and ROG Ally both have a comparatively small battery size of around 5200mAh.

Alongside that, you also get a touchpad, and an 8.4-inch, 1440p screen for a crisp handheld experience. Additionally, the screen should be extremely bright, ensuring that it’s playable indoors or outdoors. With only a small bezel, the additional touchpads are also a first for Windows-based handhelds.

Ayaneo Kun in black on a painted background

The handheld will be launched alongside Ayaspace 2.0, which has been optimized for larger screens, and has a rethought look and feel, showcasing that the company is eager to iterate on the weaknesses of its previous handhelds.

Additionally, the handheld will be released in three colors, “Silver Wing”, “Black Feather” and “White Silk”, sporting a large “PC-grade” fan to dissipate heat, or so the company claims.

The handheld has now been listed on IndieGoGo. However, pricing has yet to be revealed. We expect this to be an incredibly costly device, considering all of the features crammed into the device. But, what you end up with might be one of the most premium gaming handhelds to ever be released.

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