Epic Games is making crossplay super easy for console players with new update

Joel Loynds
Epic Crossplay SDK artEpic Games

With the ongoing rise in games supporting crossplay, Epic Games have come forward with a plan to make things even easier for those on console.

Epic Games is a massive, multifaceted business with an express interest in breaking down barriers in recent years. While this has led to some upsets, with Fortnite no longer available on Apple iOS platforms, it has given us the advent of proper crossplay.

Since its crossplay “accident” in 2017 with Fortnite, plenty of major franchises, including Call of Duty, now allow the full spectrum of gaming enthusiasts to play together.

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Epic has a development kit, Epic Online Services, which aims to integrate into “any game” with online features. It’s not only code that allowed PC players to connect with any user regardless of storefront, but it also integrates the Epic Games friends list system to allow for connections from anywhere.

Epic Online Services introduces crossplay features for all console games

This is all in the aid of ensuring that things are much easier during development. Connecting a PlayStation to an Xbox over the internet might sound “easy” on its surface, but is an incredibly complex process in some engines. This is why you’ll see it launch after the fact, or still not be included at all.

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It also connects to your existing platform account, so you won’t have to log in via Epic Games every time.

For the consumer, however, this should allow for a much easier method of connecting with friends to play with, whether you’re on Xbox or PS5. The development kit is now live for anyone to use, though it could be some time before you see it populate games.

With over 750 million Epic Store accounts already made, the new update could signify a brand-new era for crossplay multiplayer gaming.

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