Can you play Beat Saber on PSVR2?

Beat Games

Beat Saber is an incredibly popular rhythm game on VR devices, and you’ll soon be able to play it on PlayStation VR2.

With the dawn of the PlayStation VR2, people have been clamoring for one title in particular, and that’s Beat Saber. The hit VR title is one of the most requested games on the platform and for good reason. The game takes you through numerous tracks, designated as levels, where you have to slash your way through each note with varying levels of difficulty.

Is Beat Saber coming to PlayStation VR2?

Beat Saber will be released for PlayStation VR2, but we don’t quite know when it’ll be released quite yet. The announcement was made at Sony’s CES presentation in January 2023.

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The game was also available on the original PlayStation VR, and it’s currently unclear whether or not the game will be released for the new platform as a free title update, or if you will have to pay again for the game to play it on Sony’s brand-new VR platform.

Regardless of when it might release, it will be almost guaranteed to have its own spot on our list of the best PSVR2 games as soon as it launches. Since the game is available on many other VR storefronts, this is one unmissable multiplatform classic that can also double as a cardio workout for anyone who wants to make use of VR in order to feel a little bit fitter.

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We hope that other VR classics make it onto the platform, with titles like Half-Life: Alyx, Boneworks, and more all limited to PC VR, we hope to see them eventually come to one of VR’s newest headsets. Meanwhile, we’re also still scratching our heads at the thought of who would actually want to buy an HTC Vive XR Elite.

There is no official Beat Saber PSVR2 release date yet

You’ll have to wait a little bit longer for Beat Saber’s PSVR2 release date. The game was developed by Beat Games, which is actually owned by Meta. It is possible that Meta does not want its killer app to come to PSVR 2 yet in order to boost sales for the game on other platforms. Though, other Oculus Studios titles, and games technically co-developed by Meta have previously come to the PSVR2.

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With no release date, you will just have to hang onto your hats for an announcement. It’s possible that we will see an announcement along with a new trailer around June, with so many gaming events happening around that time of year.