Does PSVR2 work with glasses? Fitting your frames, scratching lenses, all there is to know

Brad Norton
PS VR2 with glasses

Thinking about picking up a PSVR2, but not sure if you can wear your glasses when using it? We answer all your optical questions.

Sony’s PlayStation VR2 is a follow-up to the original PlayStation VR that offers much better specifications and custom hand-tracking motion controls to make the VR experience even better. The original PSVR was often praised for how balanced and comfortable it felt to wear, despite its size and bulk, and the sleek new PSVR2 promises to deliver the same experience.

Yet those users who need to wear prescription glasses are a little skeptical. In many VR headsets it can be very uncomfortable to wear your glasses and the headset simultaneously. Then there’s the worry about your regular glasses rubbing up against those expensive VR lenses and causing damage.

If any of these concerns seem familiar, then this guide on the subject should help put your fears to rest as we cover everything you need to know about wearing glasses with a PSVR2.


PS VR2 unit
The PS VR2 headset is a fantastic piece of tech, but how well does it work with glasses?

Can you wear glasses while using the PS VR2?

Put simply, yes, you absolutely can wear glasses while using the PS VR2. Sony’s new VR headset is built with glasses in mind, meaning just about all frames big and small can find a sweet spot and work seamlessly.

If you need glasses in everyday life, you won’t have to worry about taking them off and suffering from blurry vision while using the PS VR2 headset. The system functions perfectly for those with glasses, and eye tracking even works incredibly well through your frames, so you have nothing to worry about.

Is it comfortable to wear glasses with the PS VR2?

In terms of comfort, if you’ve set up the PS VR2 headset just right with your glasses on, you won’t notice much of anything. After all, there’s plenty of space near the lenses for finer adjustments, meaning you won’t feel any extra pressure or discomfort by adding glasses to the mix.

For the most part, PS VR2 is just as comfortable on your head while wearing glasses compared to using it without glasses.

PS VR2 with glasses
As you can see, even with bigger frames, there’s still plenty of room to fit them comfortably in front of PS VR2’s lenses.

Will your glasses scratch the PS VR2 lenses?

If you’re not careful, your glasses can indeed scratch the PS VR2 lenses, as is the case with just about any VR device. However, it’s fairly easy to avoid this damage but wearing the headset appropriately.

If you follow the right steps when putting your headset on and setting things up, you should have absolutely no issues in this regard. There’s a good amount of space between the lenses and your eyes, meaning glasses can fit comfortably in between without coming into contact and scratching the PS VR2 lenses.

What alternatives are there to wearing glasses with PS VR2?

If you’re still concerned about wearing glasses with the PS VR2 unit, there are a few workarounds. The most obvious is to simply head to your opticians and get some contact lenses instead. This way, you can go about your business in the virtual realm without having to wear glasses.

As another option, you can always get custom VR lenses designed specifically for both the PS VR2 headset and your custom optical prescription. We recommend VR Optician for their solid track record in designing bespoke prescription lenses for a wide range of VR devices. Simply provide your prescription details and you’ll soon have custom inserts for the PS VR2, meaning you’ll no longer have to wear glasses with the headset.