PlayStation VR2 starter guide: 5 tips you need to know

Sayem Ahmed
PlayStation VR2 headset

Have you got a PlayStation VR2 already and are wondering how to get started with it? We’ve got a complete guide to answer all your questions and doubts about Sony’s second-generation VR Headset.

Sony’s new PlayStation VR2 virtual reality headset has been out on the market for some time. While some of you might have played games on a VR headset already, many are first-time users of this futuristic gadget.

This second-gen VR headset by Sony works exclusively with Sony’s PlayStation 5 gaming console and doesn’t work with a PC like any other VR headset.

The PS VR2 might feel overwhelming, especially if you’re new to the VR realm, so you might have doubts and find the learning curve slightly steep. But fret not; we’re here to guide you along your virtual reality journey, ensuring no hiccups after you get your hands on the brand-new headset.

Charge the controllers

PlayStation VR2 sense controllers

Once you have the PlayStation VR2 out of the box, the first thing that you will want to do is to charge the controllers. They do come with some battery out of the box, but since the Sense controllers use a fair amount of tech, you’ll first want to make sure they have enough battery so that you can actually use them.

As we found, you will not be able to boot any games on PlayStation VR2 unless the controllers have enough charge on them. This means that as soon as you finish setting up the device initially, you will have to sit down and wait for the controllers to charge. So, we think that this is the first thing that you should do once you get the headset through your door.

Clear a space to play

Games like What the Bat on PlayStation VR2 can only be played using something named “Roomscale VR”, which requires a space of at least 2m x 2m to play in. Therefore, if you are planning on playing any games using this play mode, be sure to clear out enough space to use it, as you will be able to move around in the VR space to get going.

You can even trail out the PlayStation VR2’s attached cable to ensure that you don’t trip over it, while you’re doing so, too. If you are unable to use Roomscale with your setup, you can also play while sitting or standing for most games.

How to find the perfect fit on PSVR2

PlayStation VR2 box

The PlayStation VR2 is meant to rest on your forehead, and also be clamped at the back. However, getting the PSVR2 in focus, and having it stay in focus can be a bit of a challenge. So, when you first set up the headset, be sure to carefully configure four key elements.

  • Adjust the angle using the rotating knob, resting the headset on your forehead
  • Change the distance of your lenses to rest on your face
  • Adjust the distance between the lenses for accurate eye-tracking
  • Ensure your nose is positioned correctly

Once you have managed to do those four things, tweak them until the text on your PSVR2 is blur-free. Once you’ve managed to get it like that, you should be ready to use it for extended periods of time. Though, it’s still recommended that you take the occasional break to readjust and rest your eyes.

Download your PSVR2 games

There’s nothing more underwhelming when you have set up your PlayStation VR2 all set up with nothing to play on it. So, ahead of setting up your headset, be sure to grab and download as many games as you can. We loved Horizon: Call of the Mountain. But, its hefty download size might disappoint if you’re left waiting to play the game after setting the headset up.

Get equipped with good headphones

Next, getting yourself a good pair of headphones to pair with the PlayStation VR2 will be vastly superior to just using the included earphones. We recommend staying in the Sony ecosystem and picking up a Sony INZONE H9 headset, its wireless functionality paired with fantastic noise-canceling features make it a great addition to your gaming setup, and even pairs aesthetically with your PSVR2.

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