Bigscreen Beyond VR headset: Price, specs & where to buy

Joel Loynds
bigscreen beyond

Looking for where to buy the Bigscreen Beyond VR headset? We’ve got you covered with everything that you need to know and more.

The Bigscreen Beyond VR headset is a brainchild of a VR software startup. It takes on some of the best VR headsets, including Meta’s Oculus VR headsets, Valve’s Index, HTC Vive Pro 2, and others.

Beyond is stepping up the VR game, promising 5K resolution and OLED panels, all neatly tucked into a compact design. Weighing at just 127 grams, this PC-only headset has a lot going in its favor, but it falls short on some features that have become standard fare on Meta’s Quest 2 and the PS VR2.

bigscreen beyond headset

Bigscreen Beyond specs

LensesPancake lenses
Display resolution5120×2560
Display typeMicroOLED
Refresh rate90Hz
Field of View90×93-degrees
Pixels Per Degree28
IPDBetween 58-72mm
Weight127 g (headset only)
Length143.1 mm (5.63 in)
Width52.4 mm (2.06 in)
Depth24 mm – 49.2 mm (0.9 in – 1.93 in)
Accessory Ports1 x USB-C (USB 2.0 speed)

As of right now, we only know a handful of the specs. There’s no real mention of what is driving the headset, or if there is one at all due to it needing to be tethered to a PC. As with the original Oculus Rift and the Valve Index, the Bigscreen Beyond requires a PC to power it.

For that, you’ll need at least the following specs to drive it:

PC PartSpec
CPUQuad Core Intel or AMD
GPURTX 2070 or AMD RX 5700 XT (DisplayPort 1.4 and DSC required)

Custom-built headsets

While other VR headsets feature adjustable lenses, Bigscreen are asking customers to scan their faces so they can adjust it before shipping. There are no adjustable goggles onboard, meaning that the scan will have to be accurate enough to ensure it fits comfortably on the face.

Beyond also claim that they will support 15 different face sizes, ranging from 58mm to 72mm for measurements around IPD (interpupillary distance, the distance between the center of the eyes).

Audio and straps

There will be two straps available, including the one in the box. This is a lightweight strap, while the larger one with headphones will cost $99.

Beyond is missing key features

Raised by numerous VR enthusiasts, it appears the Bigscreen Beyond is actually missing a few key features that most modern headsets have. This includes things like inside-out tracking, included controllers, and no requirement for a PC.

To get the headset as light and small as they have, it appears Bigscreen has made some sacrifices in the aim to get the 5K OLED headset onto the market. While most professional VR will require a PC at certain points in the workflow, the consumer side of things has gotten used to the finer things in life.

The Meta Quest 2 is brought up in Tested’s video preview of the device. In it, the CEO, Darshan Shankar, highlights that devices like what Meta has available are much heavier and can leave users feeling worse after coming out from a long session.

Controllers & tracking

However, to get around these drawbacks, Bigscreen is allowing users to use the base stations and controllers from their SteamVR setup. The base stations allow for a fully tracked environment, and the SteamVR controllers can do finger tracking.

It will also support the Tundra Tracker and HTC Vive Tracker for full-body tracking.

Bigscreen Beyond price

Currently, Bigscreen has priced Beyond at $999. In comparison, other devices with controllers and inside-out tracking, like Meta Quest Pro, currently go for around $1500.

The Beyond currently has no included controllers and will require trackers to be placed around the house. If you were to purchase the SteamVR package, alongside the Bigscreen Beyond headset, you’d be looking at the total cost being $1427. This, of course, is before you factor in the PC you’ll need to power it.

What is the Bigscreen Beyond release date?

As of right now, it’s set to come out in “late 2023.” We’d suspect it’d be released closer to November or December, should everything go to plan.

Where to buy the Bigscreen Beyond

The only place where you can get the headset is from Bigscreen itself. You can find it on their website, along with any other information you might want to glean from it.