How to clean PS VR2 headset without damaging the lenses

Brad Norton
PSVR 2 lenses

Want to know how to clean the PS VR2 headset safely? Do not worry. We tell you how to clean the headset without damaging it.

The PS VR2 doesn’t come cheap. Pair it up with a PlayStation 5, and you’re looking at quite a dent in your wallet. So, it’s only fitting that you safeguard your gaming investment with proper maintenance.

Don’t let a carelessly tossed beam of sunlight, or a misguided cleaning cloth spell doom for your precious gaming gadget. Yes, the lenses are vulnerable, and a single blunder could render them useless. And no, there isn’t a magic potion that can restore them to their former glory. But, following our guide, and a steady hand, you’ll be able to clean the headset like a pro.

Before setting out on this cleaning expedition, make sure you have a clean area to work with, as you don’t want to get any errant dust trapped within.

PSVR 2 headset
Keeping your PS VR2 lenses clear of any dirt or smudges is essential.

Use a microfiber cloth to clean your PS VR2 lenses

The absolute most important thing when it comes to cleaning your PS VR2 lenses is to ensure you’re using a microfiber cloth. Any other material can be a little too harsh for the sensitive lenses, so microfiber is the way to go, no different from how you’d clean everyday eyeglasses.

Only with a microfiber cloth in hand can you then proceed. Next, it’s essential not to spray any cleaning liquids on the lenses. While you may think it’s helping, there’s simply no need and can actually make things worse.

Take your microfiber cloth and gently apply pressure in a circular motion to begin cleaning the lenses. Take your time, focus on fully cleaning one lens before jumping to the next, and make sure you’ve cleared out any smudges along the way.

It’s crucial you don’t overdo it and apply too much pressure, as again, VR lenses can be quite delicate. So be patient and mindful as you slowly clean them until they’re looking sharp.

Cleaning PS VR2 lens
Microfiber cloths are all you need to clean your PS VR2 lenses.

That’s all there is to it. With the right materials in hand and the correct approach, your PS VR2 lenses should be cleaned up in no time.

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