Microsoft details why you can’t use its OpenAI-powered Bing yet

A screen showing the OpenAI-powered Bing chatMicrosoft

Microsoft’s OpenAI-powered Bing is coming to all users soon. But, the company has also now stated why you might be waiting a little while to use it yet.

It’s only been a week since Microsoft began testing its OpenAI-powered Bing platform, and since then, millions of users have signed up to its waitlist, and some who already have access have also encountered some strange experiences with the tool itself, too. Though in its early stages, it appears that the OpenAI integrations are also coming to other Microsoft products in the future, too.

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Microsoft Exec details plans for OpenAI Bing rollout

Yusuf Mehdi, Corporate Vice President & Consumer Chief Marketing Officer at Microsoft has posted a fairly long tweet detailing the reasons why many users can’t access the new AI-powered Bing just yet, and it seems to all boil down to scalability. You can’t just launch a service and immediately have millions of users and expect things to go smoothly, hence Microsoft’s decision to use a waitlist.

The exec detailed that they are prioritizing users who already have Bing and Edge as their default search and browsers, with the Bing app installed. This is detailed during the waitlist process, and we have even written a handy guide for you too.

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The app is already in testing in 169 countries, according to Mehdi, and we expect that the number of users will skyrocket in the coming weeks as Microsoft deal with the millions-long waitlist for folks to get access to this groundbreaking new piece of tech.

But, we don’t expect that the road won’t be bumpy for Microsoft, as they could also risk a high-profile mistake as Google did with its Bard AI giving an incorrect answer during a product demo in a Twitter post. The AI wars are here, and we can’t wait to see what companies have in store for the future of technology.

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