ChatGPT creators OpenAI release GPT-4 – but you’ll have to pay for it

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ChatGPT creators OpenAI have just released its new multimodal AI model, named GPT-4. But, in order to access it, you’ll have to join their ChatGPT Plus subscription or join a waitlist for API access.

ChatGPT swept the world in late 2022, and ever since then, the likes of Microsoft and Google have been in a heated war for AI dominance. Now, OpenAI has released GPT-4, a brand-new, more advanced API that can accept both image and text inputs. OpenAI suggests that GPT-4 can now exhibit “human-level performance on various professional and academic benchmarks”.

We already saw the older GPT-3.5-based ChatGPT pass a bar exam, and it appears that GPT-4 exceeded its score to become one of the top 10% of test-takers, rather than the bottom 10% of GPT-3.5, according to results from OpenAI.

GPT-4 can now identify and understand images, as demonstrated on the company’s website, where the AI model can now understand an image, in addition to interpreting it within a sociological context. GPT-4 is the next step in generative AI tools, but access to it remains to be relatively limited for the time being.

How to get GPT-4: ChatGPT Plus, API waitlist & more

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GPT-4 is available now to use for ChatGPT+ subscribers. The premium subscription currently costs $20 per month, so for anyone speculative about the AI tool, signing up will be the quickest way to attain access to it.

For those who wish to test out the new ChatGPT upgrade for free, you’ll have to instead join a waitlist, and list down your use cases for the new multimodal AI model. Though, this only grants API access, rather than access to a fully-finished product.

Should you be accepted to use the GPT-4 API, OpenAI stresses on its website that “API access does not mean this is an approved use case.”

However, there is an additional method to check out GPT-4, which is through the use of Bemyeyes, the only tool that currently has access to GPT-4 currently. You can join the waitlist for this text-to-image generator through the company’s website. It appears that right now, you will only be able to test the iOS version, with the Android variant of the app coming soon.

ChatGPT has seen integrations in tools such as Discord, using parts made by Nvidia, and is even being used in certain games, too. Who knows where the AI tool will head next with this GPT-4 upgrade.

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