ChatGPT bug exposed other users’ conversation histories

Joel Loynds
chatgpt broken

A bizarre bug in ChatGPT has caused multiple users to see the chat histories of other people on the platform.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT, despite being one of the most popular AI tools in existence, is not bug-free. Users of the platform have been reporting that they can see the conversation history of different, unrelated users entirely.

The issue was first spotted on Reddit when a user became concerned that their account was hacked. The sidebar showing the conversation history was displayed in Chinese, which lead the user to believe that their account had been compromised. However, that seemed to have not been the case.

OpenAI shut ChatGPT down after the issue became further widespread. The glitch was confirmed by OpenAI, which has now been brought back live following the brief outage.

Bloomberg reports that the problem stems from a piece of open-source software that OpenAI has been using for ChatGPT.

No information outside of the conversation titles was leaked to other users on ChatGPT.

Even with the privacy fix being completed, OpenAI is still working to get ChatGPT’s conversation histories back in full. It’s unknown whether or not this will happen as of yet.

ChatGPT thrives despite issues

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ChatGPT has exploded in popularity and the rat race for AI bots is well underway. Microsoft, which has a multi-billion dollar investment in OpenAI, has begun using the latest GPT4 technology for Bing and Office.

OpenAI launched GPT4 to the wider public via their subscription service last week. It offers a substantial increase in creative answers and an updated information base.

Meanwhile, Google is in the process of launching its own chatbot, Bard. However, despite the rushed announcement, Bard is yet to be made publicly available.

ChatGPT Plus was also introduced to help facilitate the costs of running the project. The subscription service, while proving to be popular, is still in a limited access format.

With its booming popularity, OpenAI also recently announced that it’d be adding up to 30,000 Nvidia GPUs to help power the behemoth. The massive increase in hardware should offset some of the ongoing problems the service is having with demand.