All Stardew Valley Summer fish and where to find them

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Stardew Valley summer fish

There are a lot of unique Summer fish to catch in Stardew Valley. Here are all the fish you can catch during the sunny season in the beloved cozy game.

Fish change with the seasons in Stardew Valley so if you’ve got your eye on a specific catch you may have to wait a while. Completing the long-term goal of fixing up the Community Center requires a lot of season-specific fish so even if you prefer some of the Spring and Fall catches, it’s important to be aware of Summer fish as well.

If there are specific catches you want to get during Stardew Valley’s Summer season we’ve got all the information you need about Summer fish in this handy guide.


Summer fish to catch in Stardew Valley

FishLocationWeatherTime of Day
CatfishTown River, Forest Rivers, Secret Woods Pond, and the Witch’s SwampRaining6am-12am
CrimsonfishEast Pier on the Beach in Stardew Valley
*Must be Fishing Level 5 to catch*
DoradoTown River and Cindersap ForestAny6am-7pm
HalibutOceanAny6am-11am &
PikeTown River, Forest Pond, and Cindersap ForestAnyAny
Rainbow TroutTown River, Cindersap Forest, and Mountain LakeSunny6am-7pm
Red MulletOceanAny6am-7pm
Red SnapperOceanRaining6am-7pm
Shad Town River and Cindersap ForestRaining9am-2am
SturgeonMountain LakeAny6am-7pm
SunfishTown River and Cindersap ForestSunny or Windy6am-7pm
Super CucumberOceanAny6pm-2am

It is worth noting some fish will be harder to catch than others and using the right bait and tackle will make reeling in one of the rare fish much easier.

If you don’t have a high fishing level or the right pole to use bait or tackle as of yet, don’t worry! Leveling up your Fishing skill is as easy as it gets, as you just need to fish in order to level up.

What is the best place to fish in summer in Stardew Valley?

The best place to fish during summer will ultimately depend on your preferences and what fish you most want to catch in Stardew Valley but based on the above information the Ocean has the highest variety of fishes during summer in the game.

What are the most profitable summer fish?

There are a number of factors that impact the selling price of fish in Stardew Valley, including whether or not you’ve unlocked certain perks and the type of rod you use. The below fish are all profitable options to sell in summer however, and we’ve listed the different price ranges you can expect to get for each:

  • Lava Eel: 700g – 2,100g.
  • Ice Pip: 500g – 1,500g.
  • Super Cucumber: 250g – 700g
  • Catfish: 200g – 600g.
  • Pufferfish: 200g – 600g.
  • Stonefish: 300g – 900g.

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