Nintendo reveals Smash Ultimate’s future content plans and players are not happy

Michael Gwilliam
Smash Ultimate invite envelopeNintendo

With Sora from Kingdom Hearts released as the final Smash Ultimate DLC fighter, Nintendo has officially announced its content plans for the game going forward. But, many fans aren’t too pleased with the decision.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate has consistently brought in countless crossovers from the video game industry, bringing characters from multiple different franchises together for a fighting game roster of epic proportions.

The crossover content hasn’t been limited to just fighters, stages, assist trophies, Miis, and items either. Spirit Events have also been a big part of Smash Ultimate, giving certain characters, such as Resident Evil’s Leon S Kennedy, some shine.

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However, with Ultimate no longer releasing any new fighters with the completion of Fighters Pass Volume 2 and Sakurai uncertain about the franchise’s future, Nintendo has revealed what’s to come.

Sora vs SephirothNintendo
Sora was the final Smash Ultimate DLC fighter

Smash Ultimate’s post-Sora content plans

In a post on Twitter, the official Japanese Smash Ultimate account revealed that going forward, starting on November 19, past Spirit events and tournaments will be re-held.

The tournaments are basically limited to only allowing fighters with certain gimmicks or with a shared theme. While these were nice, it’s the lack of any new Spirit events that have some players worried.

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Even though Smash has a lot of representation, there are a lot of franchises that never got their chance to shine and some players are taking the news hard.

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“So we really just about to get no UNDERTALE spirits? Dammit man,” one fan wrote.

“Well dang, I thought for sure this week we’d get a Shin Megami Tensei V spirit event,” another remarked.

Smash Ultimate bonus DLC fighters debunked

This also seems to completely, once and for all, debunk any possibilities for a special hidden bonus DLC fighter or fighters.

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Prior to Sora’s release, there was plenty of speculation about the possibility of there being a bonus fighter of some sorts down the line, but with development on Spirits coming to an end, this puts a nail in the coffin.

Smash Ultimate Resident Evil spiritsNintendo
At least fans can partake in Spirit events they missed out on.

Of course, Sakurai had been adamant that Sora would be the last one, but some fans held out hope, especially due to a webpage on an official Nintendo site suggesting this could be the case.

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With Sakurai unsure of where Nintendo’s flagship fighter franchise will go next and his involvement in a possible sequel undecided, it’s possible that this is the last we ever see of new Smash content for a long time.

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