Smash Ultimate pro baffled after opponent quits and walks off stage mid-game

Michael Gwilliam
Dabuz stunned after Smash Ultimate player quits

Smash Ultimate pro Samuel ‘Dabuz’ Buzby was left absolutely flabbergasted after his opponent gave up on a match early and walked off stage in a completely bizarre move.

On November 7, the Smash World Tour NA East finals took place to determine who would qualify for the big event and saw Dabuz take on Vendetta in a close contest.

Team Liquid’s Dabuz is one of the most consistent players in Smash, frequently placing high in many of the game’s tournaments and is considered one of the best pros the esport has to offer.

As such, beating him could have set Vendetta straight through to the Smash World Tour Finals, but it was not to be, as Dabuz rallied, causing the Ken player to get up in one of the weirdest endings to a match in a long time.

Smash player walks off stage mid-game

After leading the series 2-1 and on match-stock, Vendetta narrowly missed his Up-B Shoryuken, ultimately resulting in Dabuz living and taking the game, forcing a decisive game 5.

Here, Dabuz didn’t mess around, going ahead three stocks to one. After taking nearly 50% damage, Vendetta had enough and got out of his seat, giving up.

To be fair, it wasn’t a rage quit, as he immediately went over and congratulated Dabuz, but the Liquid star was left as confused as everyone watching and wondered why Vendetta didn’t just play it out.

Once the dust had settled, Vendetta explained his actions saying, “It wasn’t an RQ. I was under extreme pressure and wanted to get away. So I got up, fist-bumped, and walked off.”

According to the fighting game player, the pressure got to him and despite his body language looking angry, he assured fans it wasn’t a rage quit and that he was feeling better and was happy with his performance.

“I was a confirm away from beating Dabuz and qualifying. Lost game 5. This was my first poor Ultimate tourney and I’d say this is the greatest accomplishment in my entire Smash career,” he added before hinting he would be partaking in the last chance qualifier.

Hopefully, fans can see a run back and a potential rematch between the two down the road, even if it’s unlikely a future contest would have as shocking a finish as this match.

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