Sakurai says Smash Ultimate sequel is “impossible” without disappointing players

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Masahiro Sakurai believes that a sequel to Smash Ultimate is in some ways “impossible” according to a November 2 interview. But, that doesn’t mean that it won’t happen.

Smash Ultimate revealed its final DLC fighter, Sora, in early October. This signaled the end, in some ways, to the game’s storied progress and development.

But, as one door closes, another one tends to open. At least that’s what fans are hoping for when it comes to more of the Nintendo platform fighter.

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The Smash community, however, may want to tamper their expectations a bit in light of Sakurai’s latest comments on the matter.

Will there be a Smash Ultimate sequel?

Sora in Smash Ultimate victory screenNintendo
Sora’s release marked an ending, of sorts, for Smash Ultimate. So, what lies ahead?

In an interview released on November 2, the Smash boss Masahiro Sakurai revealed some of his thoughts on the future of the franchise, specifically as it relates to a sequel.

Much of the interview was translated to English by Siliconera. According to their translation, Sakurai apparently said, “Impossible!” when asked if he can create a Smash Ultimate sequel.

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“I am not thinking of a sequel,” said Sakurai, “However, I can’t say with certainty that this would be the end of Smash.”

“I need to think whether I must release a Smash game or not, even if I have to do something that would disappoint users,” he added.

Sakurai says Smash without him didn’t go well

Sora and Mario in Smash UltimateNintendo
With Smash Ultimate over and no immediate sequel in sight, will other games compete?

While the future of the franchise is certainly in question, the translated interview made it clear that the famed Smash director is a core part of its development.

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“I currently don’t see a path where Smash can be produced without myself … Honestly, we did actually try leaving it to someone else, but it didn’t go well.”

All of the quotes leave Smash fans wondering what more they can expect from the storied FGC franchise.

On the one hand, it seems like it may not be the end. But on the other, perhaps it should be if Sakurai will not be involved in the game’s sequel.

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It seems clear that Sakurai was an integral piece of the puzzle that is Smash Bros, and the game’s future would be unclear if he were to officially step away.

Leaks about what is to come of the Smash director have begun to surface, with some interpreting that he may be headed to work on other projects after a brief hiatus.

In the event that we receive a full translation of the interview, we will continue to provide updates on this story.

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