Ninja joins Smash Ultimate battle with incredible fighter mod

Brad Norton
ninja smash ultimate

[jwplayer Foa5niu5]The Smash Ultimate community can now play as one of the biggest streaming celebrities around the globe as Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins’ Fortnite skin has been perfectly recreated in a new mod.

While the Smash Ultimate roster features dozens of iconic gaming characters, avid players are always looking for the next big thing. Rumors are constantly flooding the internet as the community speculates who the next addition might be.

Plenty of surprises have hit the latest Smash title, though one area of the industry has never been tapped. Gaming characters from a wide array of titles are thrown into the fight. But what if gaming content creators were allowed to get in on the action as well?

There are a ton of good candidates but thanks to a brand new creation, we get to see one in action. Smash modder ‘CashClay’ took Fortnite’s Icon Series Ninja skin and dropped it straight into the mix. Here’s how you can play as the mega-popular streamer in your next session.

The mod provides an exact recreation of Ninja’s custom skin in Fortnite. No casual attire can be found here. The blue-haired figure spawns in with his custom jacket and signature yellow headband.

While the visual is brand new, dedicated players will be all too familiar with his set of abilities. The mod pastes Ninja’s skin over Metal Gear protagonist Snake. All of his moves can be used just the same, though the creator threw in some unique surprises. A variety of Ninja quotes have been dropped in. Therefore, you’ll hear the streamer as he picks up weapons or connects with a series of blows.

Smash Ultimate Ninja custom mod
Ninja drops into battle with the same moveset as Snake.

Even when nearing death, the custom mod will have Ninja screaming as though he had just been cheesed of a win in Fortnite.

Ninja even gave his seal of approval for the skin. While he didn’t comment on the mod directly, he shared a gameplay snippet to more than six million followers on Twitter.

In order to surprise your friends and appear as Ninja in your next game, you’ll have to manually download the mod. If you’re a Snake-main, you’ll feel right at home. Perhaps you’ll even be able to score a victory royale once you’ve installed the mod.

With the popularity of this creation, more streamers could be on the way soon. It’s surely only a matter of time until we have a full content creator showdown in Smash.