Smash Ultimate website update hints at new DLC fighter announcement

Michael Gwilliam
Lucas points at new Smash Ultimate DLC

[jwplayer 91I9RIGm]As rumors of a July Nintendo Direct and a new Smash Ultimate fighter spread, a little update on the game’s official website may have provided a small clue for a possible DLC reveal.

When a new fighter pack is added to Super Smash Bros Ultimate, the website will add a “new” label over “fighters” and “stages” on the homepage.

After ARMS’ Min Min was added to the game on June 29, the “new” label showed up like normal, but as of July 13, it has since vanished.

The update was first noticed by Twitter user ‘Shadowedgy,’ who screengrabbed the observation.

“I believe Byleth’s was there up until Min Min was revealed,” they said. “Fighter number 7 being revealed soon?”

Alone, this information may not be a huge deal, and Nintendo could just be updating the site more frequently however, when you factor in other rumors that have surfaced lately, there could be more to this.

Will Fighter 77 be revealed at a July Nintendo Direct?

As Dexerto previously reported, multiple leakers with good track records have claimed that there will be a Nintendo Direct soon, with one outright saying it would be on July 20.

Banjo in Smash Ultimate
Banjo and Hero were announced for Smash at E3 2019.

A Nintendo Direct would be an ideal time to announce a new DLC fighter, as it’s something the company has done before. Additionally, with E3 canceled this year, it’s possible that they had plans to show off more characters.

Looking back to 2019, two DLC fighters were announced at E3 in the form of Banjo and Hero. While they both released a bit after the presentation, Nintendo has shown they are willing to unveil DLC months in advance.

There are still five more DLC characters to be released as part of Fighters Pass Volume 2, so it’s anyone’s guess who they will be or who the next one is. One theory is that Nintendo will announce Fighter 77 as Geno from Super Mario RPG in July as it’s the seventh month of the year.

We’ll just have to wait and see and with July almost mid-way done, we won’t have that much longer to go.

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