Massive Smash Ultimate DLC fighter ballot dominated by Team Fortress 2

Michael Gwilliam
Scout in Smash Ultimate

A new Super Smash Bros Ultimate fighter ballot has emerged and it’s being absolutely dominated by Team Fortress 2 characters, with three of the top ten spots belonging to that game, alone.

The ballot comes in the form of a site called Global Smash Roster, where anyone can add a character from any game as a Smash fighter nominee. Users can also vote on characters that have already been added to the ballot.

While many such polls have been done in the past, the layout of this site makes it stand out a bit more. Characters are also organized in a way that closely resembles Smash Ultimate’s fighter selection screen.

Amusingly, just as we saw with the largest Smash fan vote of all time, Heavy from Team Fortress 2 tops the list with over 2,000 votes. His tallies are nearly double that of second-place fan-favorite Crash Bandicoot, who has just over 1,000.

Heavy in Smash Ultimate
Fans really want to see Heavy in Smash Ultimate.

The Team Fortress 2 votes don’t stop there: In ninth and tenth place, Soldier and Scout have well over 700 votes, edging out Super Mario RPG’s Geno.

Waluigi finds himself slightly behind Crash Bandicoot in third, followed by Ubisoft mascot Rayman in fourth.

More fan-favorites in the form of Shantae, Doom Slayer and Phoenix Wright make up the remaining spots on the top 10.

Global Smash Roster ballot results
Multiple TF2 characters dominate the ballot.

Going a bit further down, Master Chief sits with just over 550 votes, barely ahead of even more Team Fortress characters. Both Engineer and Demoman are also on the front page of candidates, placing higher than Nier’s 2B, Skull Kid from The Legend of Zelda, and rumored DLC Ryu Hayabusa.

One possible reason for the flood of TF2 votes is due to the game’s fandom still going strong (as well as posting the Smash ballot on the Team Fortress 2 subreddit.)

Of course, the whole voting process is just for fun, but the results may be a factor in the event Nintendo ever decides to do a third Fighters Pass.

Ryu from Ninja Gaiden
Ryu is a rumored DLC fighter, but his vote totals are lackluster.

The slots for Fighters Pass Volume 2 have already been decided, so it’s not like this ballot will have any effect on its content. Nevertheless, it just goes to show how many people really want Heavy, Crash and Waluigi in Nintendo’s flagship fighter.

There are still four DLC slots left with the arrival of Minecraft Steve. Will we see any of the leading candidates join the roster? Only time will tell.