How to do Minecraft Steve’s zero-to-death combo in Smash Ultimate

Michael Gwilliam
Alex hits Mario in Smash Ultimate

Minecraft Steve has finally come to Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and skilled players are already discovering some insane combos with the game’s newest fighter – including a super easy zero-to-death.

Smash pro and one of the Melee Gods, Jason ‘Mew2King’ Zimmerman was testing Steve with fellow MVG member Saleem ‘Salem’ Akiel Young when the duo discovered some interesting stats with the new fighter’s frame data.

As it turns out, Steve’s jab, with all of his swords with the exception of his gold sword, comes out at frame 4 and has 15 frames between hits.

You can also perform the jab a number of ways either through standing in neutral, walking, dashing and letting go, or jumping.

Steve flies with Pit in Smash Bros
Steve has one of the craziest kits in all of Smash.

Plus, Steve’s forward air is an overhead attack with spike potential which means that it’s possible to combo jab into the forward air resulting in a spike.

To perform the combo, you need to first, grab your opponent and perform a downthrow dealing 18 damage. Next, dash forward, release the stick and start jabbing your adversary to get them off the stage.

From there, you hit them with the forward air to spike and press B while off stage to place a block that completely denies their recovery.

While this zero-to-death is super powerful against characters with a teleportation recovery such as Palutena and Inkling, other fighters can break the blocks and still recover.

That said, as Mew2King explains, this combo is even more effective once Steve has upgraded his sword to Diamond with its extra hit stun.

“With Diamond it’s extra easy!” Zimmerman exclaimed. “This can be practical in a match. Why? Let’s say you’re Steve and you’re fighting them, you get the first stock, that means they’re going to respawn at zero percent.”

Minecraft Steve, Alex, Zombie and Enderman in Smash Ultimate
There’s a lot of small attention to detail with Steve in Smash.

Basically, because the combo works off grabs and jabs at zero percent, you’re going to find a lot of common scenarios to use this combo. Plus, when you get the first stock, you have time to mine and potentially get the diamond to upgrade your sword.

Another benefit, which may make the combo apply against most of the game’s characters, if by performing a footstool on your opponent to guarantee that they tumble and lose a stock.

Steve is still extremely young and there’s plenty of things to discover with Smash Ultimate’s newest Fighters Pass Volume 2 character.