Rogue Company gets surprise Walking Dead crossover

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Free-to-play third-person hero shooter Rogue Company received a surprise teaser trailer for an upcoming crossover with The Walking Dead.

Rogue Company first made waves as a solid free-to-play third-person tactical hero shooter back in the Fall of 2020.

Since then, developer First Watch Games has kept the multiplayer shooter updated with new playable Rogues, new maps, and much more.

Now, Rogue Company will be getting a crossover event with The Walking Dead franchise, with three of the most popular characters coming to the game as brand new skins.

Rogue Company gets Walking Dead crossover

The Rogue Company YouTube channel released a trailer on October 5, 2022, that teased the upcoming crossover.

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The cinematic teaser opened with The Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes and Michonne searching through abandoned vehicles in a cell-shaped environment, before cutting to a fully black and white scene of a man kneeling.

Next, the trailer showed the silhouette of Negan enter the frame, who slowly walks forward and bludgeons the kneeling man with his iconic barb wire-wrapped baseball bat.

The cinematic then revealed that each of these three characters will be dynamic skins for three Rogues, with Rick being a skin for Dallas, Michonne for Lancer, and Negan for Dima.

The skins are heavily inspired by the art style of Robert Kirkman’s comic books, which feature a cell-shaded look in contrast to Rogue Company’s more realistic art style.

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Additionally, each skin will have a “Classic” variant, which turns the regular skin into a more muted, black-and-white style even more reminiscent of the original comic books.

Though prices for the skins have not been announced just yet, High-Rez studios confirmed the skins will be Legendary rarity.

Rogue Company fans won’t have to wait too long to see these iconic Walking Dead characters enter the game, as the three skins will be available in-game on October 18, 2022.