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Walking Dead cosplayer recreates comic-style Clementine in viral TikTok

Published: 13/Sep/2020 18:15

by Georgina Smith


A cosplayer by the name of Dragon Cosplays on TikTok has gone viral with a unique take on Clementine from the Walking Dead game, painting herself to recreate the original comic-book-like art style.

The iconic Walking Dead franchise, which started as a comic-book series and later a TV show, was adapted into a narrative-driven game in 2012 by Telltale Games, focused on an entirely new set of characters and zombie-related craziness.

The starring role in all four seasons of the Walking Dead game is orphan Clementine, who is just eight-years-old when we meet her in the first game. As she endures the brutal trials of the post-outbreak world, she becomes older and tougher as the game goes by, but still maintaining the sweetness she had from the very first game.


Clem meets Lee in TWD game
Telltale Games
Clementine meets Lee in the Walking Dead Game

Awesome comic-style Clementine cosplay

The game’s art style is very unique. Instead of opting for the most realistic aesthetic, the game instead mimics a style similar to the original comic books, with harsh outlines on the clothes in particular that give the game a unique charm.

Dragon Cosplays set out to recreate Clementine as accurately as she could, and that included conquering the immense task of recreating that unique art style in real life.

She wears denim jeans as well as a denim jacket, each item of clothing painted with intricate black and white stripes where the folds and seams of the denim are. Underneath she is also wearing a grey zip up, which has also been painted to mimic the way the shadows and highlights are represented in the game.


As the video goes on, she unzips her hoodie to reveal a once-white shirt, now dirtied and stained with blood and mud from the tortuous post-apocalyptic world.

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Even her collarbones, hands, and face sport the same black contour and outlines that make her look as if she had just stepped through the screen out of the popular game universe.

And of course, to make her definitively Clem, she wears her signature trucker hat that’s equally as blood-stained, topping off her look and tying the practically perfect outfit together.

Dragon Cosplays even participated in a TikTok trend to the song PYRO by Chester Young and Castion where people match up their faces perfectly with their look-a-like, and flick the video back and forth to show just how precise the similarity is.


@dragon.cosplaysThis was hard because there’s so much hard lighting in the game ?##cosplay##clementine##clementinecosplay##twd##twdg##twdclem##clem##clemcosplay##walkingdead♬ PYRO – Chester Young & Castion

Seeing Dragon Cosplays overlaid with the original video of Clementine just goes to show how thoroughly impressive this costume design is, and how closely this cosplayer must have studied the game to get it just right.

The original cosplay video has now gained over 270,000 likes and 1.3 million views, a fantastic result for an equally fantastic cosplay.