Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman confirms big comic book easter egg

. 2 years ago
Robert Kirkman Walking Dead
Gage Skidmore, Wikimedia / Image Comics

The Walking Dead’s co-creator Robert Kirkman has finally been able to confirm an easter egg in the comic book series that not everybody will have spotted. One fan, though, has finally made the discovery.

Those who watch the TV series, which is well into its tenth season, will know that a lot of big spoilers can be revealed ahead of time by those who take an interest in the comic books. Well, that was certainly the case when the show first aired on AMC.

Since that time they have branched off and become separate entities in order to keep people on the edge of their seats.

A new easter egg found in the comics doesn’t provide any potential spoilers, which some viewers will be happy to know. Instead, just a nod to the past that fans will absolutely love.

New Walking Dead easter egg discovered

Maggie in the walking dead season 10
Maggie returns soon in The Walking Dead.

One of the archivists at the New York Times made the discovery on August 23, comparing two different cover pages. The first was the original ‘Days Gone By’ Volume 1, and the second was ‘Rest in Peace’ Volume 32.

Before asking if they were the first to find the easter egg, Ryan Murphy said: “Oh my god you inspired me to check if the last volume loops back into the first volume and it DOES! It is an endless zombie loop spanning 15 years of art!”

Kirkman later confirmed they might well be the first to spot it. He replied: “You may actually be the first to notice this. I was always wondering when someone would. Nice work!”

Volume 32 was the final volume of Image Comics’ Walking Dead series, wrapping together issues 187 to 193. The first one was released back in 2003.

Those who have read it will be well aware of how things go down, but not all will have spotted this artistic arc that went from first cover to the very last. Now, Kirkman knows at least one person out there knows what he was going for.

How did they find it?

Spotting easter eggs can be tricky, after all they’re placed there for eagle-eyed fans to find.

This time it was found following a Twitter thread between George Gustines and Murphy, who made the discovery. It was here that they spoke about connecting comics, and sparked the latter to look back on some of the old editions of The Walking Dead.

Speaking of the comic books, Kirkman recently revealed different foil covered designs for ‘Negan Lives’ – which are selling like hotcakes online at places like Amazon.

Image Comics also showed their hand in the thread, saying they had never seen this pointed out before.

With that all cleared up, many fans will turn their attention to the big finale of Season 10. It premieres on October 4, 4pm (ET).

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