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Rogue Company

Is Rogue Company free to play?

Published: 12/Dec/2021 1:04

by Bill Cooney


Rogue Company is the popular third person shooter from Hi Rez Studios, but is it free-to-play? Here’s everything you need to know.

After releasing in 2021 Rogue Company is one of the most popular third person shooters currently on the market. It’s available on every gaming platform you can think of and isn’t hard to jump in to start playing.

Crossplay is fully supported as well, but if you’re wondering whether or not the game is free-to-play, you’ve come to the right place.

Is Rogue Company free-to-play?

Ronin from Rogue Company
Hi-Rez Studios
Rogue Company offers various in-game purchases to players.

Yes, Rogue Company is free-to-play. That being said, you won’t be able to access every single bit of content right away.


Rogue Company features two kinds of in-game currency: Rogue Bucks, and Reputation. Reputation is gained after each match for free while Rogue Bucks are premium and can only be purchased with actual money.

In order to unlock every Rogue without going through an incredibly long grind to earn enough Reputation, you’ll have to use Rogue Bucks.

That doesn’t even touch on all of the different weapon, Rogue, and glider skins that can also be unlocked. Often, these cosmetics are available exclusively for Rogue Bucks as well.

There are a ton of skins to collect in Rogue Company.

There are items available for Reputation during events, and like other games the Battle Pass grants a few free items as you play through it each season. But, if you want to collect everything you can and have access to every character, you’ll probably need to spend some cash.


However, if you want to just hop in and try the game out, you can do so without spending a dime. Being as the game is cross-platform as well, you can even do so with friends.