Dr Disrespect unveils his finished Rogue Company map “The Arena”

Bill Cooney
doc rogue company map

Streaming superstar Dr. Disrespect revealed a full 3D rendering of the new map he’s been working on for Rogue Company called “The Arena”, and devs from Hi-Rez already seem very on-board.

On August 10 Dr Disrespect was challenged by Rogue Company developers to go back to his roots and design his own custom stage for the game, a feat the Two Time managed to accomplish in just under 24 hours.

His 2D design certainly seemed to impress devs, as they promised to provide him with whatever he needed to make The Arena a reality after the base design was unveiled.

Now, Doc has come out with a full, 3D render of his proposed custom map, and those at Hi-Rez definitely seem to be game to run with the design.

The stage seems to be set on an outdoor pavilion leading to an entrance of the Champion’s Club Arena, complete with plenty of cover for Rogues, and a generous amount of palm trees.

There are several indoor areas too, and we can only hope that they’ll eventually be turned into some of the Arena’s various rooms we’ve come to know and love from Doc’s streams.

“I just wonder if it’s going to be too small, you know? The intention was to make it small, the action’s a lot faster, in terms of committing to a lane – boom, you’re in it.” Doc explained. “The decision-making is a lot faster, there’s no waiting around, that’s the goal anyway.”

“It’s just like boom, it kinda throws you in, and you’re in it,” the Two Time continued. “But at the same time, there’s still three lanes, lots of dead space in the design which in the design allows separation of combat spaces, rather than getting shot from across an entire lane from the other side. We’ll see what they think.”

Doc didn’t have to wait long at all to see what devs thought, as he got a response on twitter shortly after posting the video of his complete, 3D rendering.

“No one does it better Doc, this map is already looking like the peak of the mountain and we aren’t even halfway done,” Rogue Company replied on Twitter. “You wrote the book on Violence, Speed, and Momentum and The Arena brings it.”

While nothing has been set in stone just yet, it certainly seems like Hi-Rez is pulling out all the stops to make Dr Disrespect’s custom Rogue Company map a reality, and we’re already looking forward to it.

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