Dr Disrespect praises new FPS game The Finals: ‘A combination of Battlefield, TF2, Overwatch’

Dr Disrespect watched gameplay of the new FPS title The Finals and praised an ambitious take on the genre.

The Finals is an upcoming free-to-play arena shooter from Embark Studios, emphasizing fast-paced gameplay and destructible environments. The Finals closed beta started on March 7 for PC players.

This is Embark Studio’s first major project, but the development team comes with plenty of FPS experience. The studio was founded in 2018 by former DICE CEO Patrick Söderlund, who was responsible for leading the creation of several Battlefield titles.

Other founders include Robert Runesson, known for his work on the art for Battlefield: Bad Company 2, 1, V, and Star Wars Battlefront 1 and 2. As well as Stefan Srandberg, audio director on Battlefield 3 and Bad Company 1 and 2. A few other grizzled FPS veterans also helped found the game studio.

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Dr Disrespect is far from a Battlefield expert, but he immediately caught wind of inspiration from the iconic franchise after watching The Finals Gameplay.

Dr Disrespect shares a positive first impression of The Finals

The Finals official screenshotEmbark Studios
The Finals closed alpha started on March 7.

Dr Disrespect watched FPS expert Jackfrags share early gameplay of The Finals.

The Finals gameplay thoroughly impressed the Two Time, and he concluded, “It’s almost like Battlefield meets Team Fortress meets Overwatch. It looks cool, man.”

“You always have to appreciate a big vision and a unique take and then pull off at a good and high level.”


A chat member responded the game reminds them of Unreal Tournament, and Doc replied, “[i]t’s got a little personality, I can see a little Unreal personality in it for sure.”

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Doc spoke about destructible environments in FPS games and claimed, “if destruction is not done right, it can be really bad. I think we have seen a lot of examples where it does not add to the gameplay. It’s tricky, but based on what we just saw right there, it can complement the gameplay.”

Fortunately, Battlefield was at the forefront of destruction in FPS titles, and the former series developers tapped into that expertise for The Finals.