Rogue Company best perks ranked | Full tier list

Best Rogue Company perksHiRez Studios/First Watch Games

Not every perk in Rogue Company is competitively viable and knowing which ones to prioritize can be a little tricky, so make sure you utilize these perks to increase your chances of snagging a win. 

While you can win games while getting plenty of eliminations on raw skill alone, Rogue Company’s perks can give you the edge you need to take your gameplay to the next level. Just like round-based games in CS:GO and Valorant, Rogue Company allows players to purchase weapons, upgrades, and gadgets to boost their character’s overall DPS. 

Arguably one of the most important features in RC is its perk system.

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Every Rogue has access to a total of six perks and each one brings something different to the table. From increased movement speed to faster revival times, there is perk for pretty much everything. In order to save your money and increase that all-important win rate, we’ve ranked all 17 Rogue Company perks from best to worst. 

Rogue Company S-tier perks


Replenish perk

Cost: $10,000 Rogues: Chaac, Dahlia, Dallas, Dima, Ronin, Scorch, Vy, Kestrel, Mack, Fixer, Switchblade

Not only is downing an enemy incredibly satisfying in Rogue Company, it’s even more rewarding when you have the Replenish perk equipped. Replenish rewards aggressive play and reloads your equipped weapon, restoring its ammo when you send an enemy Rogue to their knees. 

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Killing downed enemies can sometimes leave you vulnerable, especially when you end up having to reload your primary after. Fortunately, this perk alleviates the downtime between each secured kill, allowing you to achieve those high killstreaks. 


Cost: $11,000 Rogues: Dima, Kestrel, Mack

Just like Replenish, Resupply allows you to stock back up after downing an enemy. However, instead of ammo, this perk allows you to refill your gadgets instead.

When an enemy is downed, they’ll drop a supply kit that re-equips your purchased gadgets. The only problem with this is it’s only available to a few select Rogues, but it’s definitely one of the best in the game.

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Berserker perk

Cost: $4,000 Rogues: Anvil, Dallas, Chaac, Dima, Ronin, Scorch, Trench, Kestrel, Mack, Seeker, Switchblade, Fixer

Games of Rogue Company can get pretty tense and there will be times where you’re forced to retreat from a fight. Of course, this can prove rather frustrating in scenarios when you need to reload your primary weapon. 

Fortunately, the Berserker perk allows you to switch out your empty clip while running, giving you opportunities to push downed foes or slink behind cover before unleashing a hail of bullets onto your pursuers.  


Evade perk

Cost: $4,000 Rogues: Phantom, Ronin, Saint, Scorch, Seeker, Vy

Getting caught out in the open can lead to a quick death in Rogue Company, so having a perk that increases your movement speed whenever you get hit is always a bonus.

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Evade can often give you the added speed you need to quickly duck behind cover and avoid otherwise fatal scenarios. You should always prioritize this perk as soon as you’ve finished upgrading your primary. 

Life Drain

Life Drain perk

Cost: $10,000 Rogues: Anvil, Chaac, Dima, Lancer, Phantom, Seeker, Sigrid, Switchblade, Talon, Fixer, Cannon

This life-stealing ability also rewards players who down enemies, but instead of giving them ammo, it gives grants a rejuvenating heal that replenishes your health for a set duration. If you find yourself taking a lot of damage in firefights or want to simply increase your survivability, then this lifesaving perk is a must.  

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Rogue Company A-tier perks


Headstrong perk

Cost: $10,000 Rogues: Anvil, Dallas, Gl1tch, Saint, Scorch, Trench, Cannon

Having additional armor is always going to be useful, but the Headstrong perk just misses out on our top spot. While the added 25 armor bonus can get you out of some rather tricky situations, we found that good positioning and use of cover makew the $10,000 buy-in a little too steep. Consider purchasing this after you’ve secured any of the above. 

Helping Hand

Helping Hand

Cost: $6,500 Rogues: Anvil, Chaac, Kestrel, Lancer, Fixer, Trench, Vy, Cannon

Reviving teammates is tricky at the best of times and the lengthy animation can often lead to some frustrating deaths. If you find your allies are struggling to remain on its feet, then the Helping Hand perk can help alleviate your team’s troubles. 

While Helping Hands won’t make up for any poor plays, it can help put an end to those tense clutch rounds. Having Saint equipped with this perk is fantastic, particularly when you don’t have your Revive Drone up. 

Nimble Hands

Nimble Hands

Cost: $6,500 Rogues: Gl1tch, Phantom, Ronin, Scorch, Sigrid, Talon

There’s nothing worse in FPS and third-person shooters than getting caught mid-reload. If your one of the many players that is addicted to hitting the reload button whenever your clip isn’t full, then this perk will drastically alleviate your problems.

As the name suggests, Nimble Hands increases both your weapon swap and reload speed. It’s a pretty significant buff and one that works incredibly well with Rogue’s that have smaller weapon clips. 

Rogue Company B-tier perks

Bounce Back 

Bounce Back perk

Cost: $6,500 Rogues: Dallas, Dima, Mack, Saint, Seeker, Switchblade, Fixer, Trench, Vy

Death can come quickly in Rogue Company and sometimes you need a little helping hand to keep yourself in the fight. Bounce Back speeds up the health regeneration process, allowing you to keep on your feet as you attack or defend the objective. The one life nature of Demolition can be extremely unforgiving, so if you’re having a hard time surviving then this perk is a must buy. 


Tenacity perk

Cost: $6,500 Rogues: Anvil, Dahlia, Gl1tch, Ronin, Scorch, Sigrid, Switchblade, Talon, Cannon

Having increased resistance to explosive firearms and grenades is always a good idea, especially when the majority of Rogue’s have access to some form of explosive. Grenades and C4 are commonly used to flush enemies out of cover, while Dima’s MIRV Launcher can quickly leave you with little to no health if you’re unfortunate enough to get caught within its blast. 

Being blow to smithereens will certainly lower your chances of securing a win, so Tenacity should be your go-to perk if you wish to counter any frags. 

Padded Steps 

Padded Steps

Cost: $4,000 Rogues: Dallas, Gl1tch, Kestrel, Lancer, Talon

If you’ve ever wondered how a Rogue has managed to sneak behind you without ever alerting you, then chances are they were using the Padded Steps perk. Padded Steps silences the sound of your footsteps whenever you’re not sprinting. This is great for those that wish to pull off stealthy flanks and disarm the bomb without alerting their enemies. 


Cloaked perk

Cost: $4,000 Rogues: Dahlia, Gl1tch, Phantom, Saint, Vy

As we stated earlier, vision-based perks are incredibly strong. The same goes for Rogues that have abilities tailored around exposing enemy locations. Keeping your movements hidden from any prying eyes can be rather tricky, especially when the ever-popular Dallas and Talon picks are roaming around. 

However, the Cloaked perk makes you immune to any Rogue abilities that would normally reveal your position. Consider purchasing this perk before going on those deep flanks. 

Rogue Company C-tier perks

Tracker Rounds

Tracker rounds perk

Cost: $10,000 Rogues: Gl1tch, Lancer, Phantom, Ronin, Talon, Trench, Vy

Tracker rounds enable you to reveal an enemy to your team wherever you successfully damage them with your firearms. Those of you that have played Rogue’s like Talon and Dallas will know just how devastating vision-based skills can be. 

However, unless you’re planning to play solo and avoid communicating your team, then the overall cost of this perk is just not worth the price. In fact, It’s always better to use the in-game comms to call out enemy locations. 

Toughen Up

Cost: $3,000 Rogues: Mack, Sigrid, Switchblade, Fixer, Trench, Cannon

Every Rogue has access to a melee weapon, but they are some of the least-used items in the game. Unless you’re in a pinch, or going for a trick shot, melee just won’t play a major part in the majority of matches.

You might run into that rare game where this perk does come in handy, and the good news is it’s only $3,000 to unlock. So, when you do need it, it shouldn’t be hard to come by.


Stalker perk

Cost: $6,500 Rogues: Chaac, Dallas, Dahlia, Dima, Saint, Kestrel, Lancer, Mack, Seeker, Phantom

Rogue Company’s third-person viewpoint allows you to safely check corners without the need to constantly aim down your weapon’s sights. In fact, there’s very little reason to pick a perk that removes your aim down sights movement speed penalty. 

Stalker may be beneficial to those that want to methodically check every corner, but there’s really no need for this perk if you have decent map knowledge and positioning. 

Shredder Rounds

Shredder Rounds perk

Cost: $4,000 Rogues: Anvil, Chaac, Dima, Lancer, Talon, Trench

Aside from Anvil’s Barricade, there are very few defensive items that can’t be destroyed by either well-placed frag or gunshots. This does make the Shredder Rounds perk extremely situational, but the added ammunition bonus can prove useful. 

Even if you have a decent aim and land the majority of your shots, there may be times where a few extra rounds could have come in handy. Even though more defensive Rogue’s have been released since launch, Shredder Rounds remain a perk rarely worth picking.