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Rogue Company best perks ranked | Full tier list

Published: 14/Aug/2020 17:49

by James Busby


Not every perk in Rogue Company is competitively viable and know which ones to prioritize can be a little tricky, so make sure you utilize these perks to increase your chances of snagging that win. 

While you can win games and snag plenty of eliminations on raw skill alone, Rogue Company’s perks can give you the edge you need to take your gameplay to the next level. Just like round-based games like CS:GO and Valorant, Rogue Company allows players to purchase weapons, upgrades, and gadgets to boost their character’s overall DPS. 

However, arguably one of the most important features is that of the game’s perk system.

Every Rogue has access to a total of six perks and each one brings something different to the table. From increased movement speed to faster revival times, there is perk for pretty much everything. In order to save your money and increase that all-important win rate, we’ve ranked all 15 Rogue Company perks from best to worst. 

Rogue Company S-tier perks


Replenish perk

Cost: $10,000
Users: Chaac, Dallas, Dima, Ronin, Scorch, Vy

Not only is downing an enemy incredibly satisfying in Rogue Company, it’s even more rewarding when you have the Replenish perk equipped. Replenish rewards aggressive play and reloads your equipped weapon, restoring its ammo when you send an enemy Rogue to their knees. 

Killing downed enemies can sometimes leave you vulnerable, especially when you end up having to reload your primary after. Fortunately, this perk alleviates the downtime between each secured kill, allowing you to achieve those high killstreaks. 


Berserker perk

Cost: $4,000
Users: Anvil, Dallas, Dima, Ronin, Scorch, Trench

Games of Rogue Company can get pretty tense and there will be times where you’re forced to retreat from a fight. Of course, this can prove rather frustrating in scenarios when you need to reload your primary weapon. 

Fortunately, the Berserker perk allows you to switch out your empty clip while running, giving you opportunities to push downed foes or slink behind cover before unleashing a hail of bullets onto your pursuers.  


Evade perk

Cost: $4,000
Users: Gl1tch, Phantom, Ronin, Saint, Scorch, Vy

Getting caught out in the open can lead to a quick death in Rogue Company, so having a perk that increases your movement speed whenever you get hit is always a bonus.

Evade can often give you the added speed you need to quickly duck behind cover and avoid otherwise fatal scenarios. You should always prioritize this perk as soon as you’ve finished upgrading your primary. 

Life Drain

Life Drain perk

Cost: $10,000
Users: Anvil, Chaac, Dima, Lancer, Phantom, Talon

This life-stealing ability also rewards players who down enemies, but instead of giving them ammo, it gives grants a rejuvenating heal that replenishes your health for a set duration. If you find yourself taking a lot of damage in firefights or want to simply increase your survivability, then this lifesaving perk is a must.  

Rogue Company A-tier perks

Sixth Sense

Sixth Sense perk

Cost: $10,000
Users: Gl1tch, Ronin, Talon, Vy

Unlike the perk Tracker Rounds, Sixth Sense is incredibly useful as it alerts you whenever an enemy within 25m is looking in your general direction.

Being able to react to an enemy before they can even so much as fire a shot is always going to be a bonus, but the $10,000 price tag does make this an expensive purchase. Ideally, you’d want to get this in mid to late-game rounds after you’ve purchased your key weapons and upgrades. 


Headstrong perk

Cost: $10,000
Users: Anvil, Dallas, Saint, Scorch, Trench

Having additional armor is always going to be useful, but the Headstrong perk just misses out on our top spot. While the added 25 armor bonus can get you out of some rather tricky situations, we found that good positioning and use of cover makes the $10,000 buy-in a little too steep. Consider purchasing this after you’ve secured any of the above. 

Helping Hand

Helping Hand

Cost: $6,500
Users: Dima, Gl1tch, Phantom, Ronin, Scorch, Talon

Reviving teammates is tricky at the best of times and the lengthy animation can often lead to some frustrating deaths. If you find your allies are struggling to remain on its feet, then the Helping Hand perk can help alleviate your team’s troubles. 

While Helping Hands won’t make up for any poor plays, it can help put an end to those tense clutch rounds. Having Saint equipped with this perk is fantastic, particularly when you don’t have your Revive Drone up. 

Nimble Hands

Nimble Hands

Cost: $6,500
Users: Dima, Gl1tch, Phantom, Ronin, Scorch, Talon

There’s nothing worse in FPS and third-person shooters than getting caught mid-reload. If your one of the many players that is addicted to hitting the reload button whenever your clip isn’t full, then this perk will drastically alleviate your problems.

As the name suggests, Nimble Hands increases both your weapon swap and reload speed. It’s a pretty significant buff and one that works incredibly well with Rogue’s that have smaller weapon clips. 

Rogue Company B-tier perks

Bounce Back 

Bounce Back perk

Cost: $6,500
Users: Dallas, Dima, Gl1tch, Saint, Trench

Death can come quickly in Rogue Company and sometimes you need a little helping hand to keep yourself in the fight. Bounce Back speeds up the health regeneration process, allowing you to keep on your feet as you attack or defend the objective. The one life nature of Demolition can be extremely unforgiving, so if you’re having a hard time surviving then this perk is a must buy. 


Tenacity perk

Cost: $6,500
Users: Anvil, Ronin, Scorch, Talon, Trench, Vy

Having increased resistance to explosive firearms and grenades is always a good idea, especially when the majority of Rogue’s have access to some form of explosive. Grenades and C4 are commonly used to flush enemies out of cover, while Dima’s MIRV Launcher can quickly leave you with little to no health if you’re unfortunate enough to get caught within its blast. 

Being blow to smithereens will certainly lower your chances of securing a win, so Tenacity should be your go-to perk if you wish to counter any frags. 

Padded Steps 

Padded Steps

Cost: $4,000
Users: Dallas, Gl1tch, Lancer, Talon

If you’ve ever wondered how a Rogue has managed to sneak behind you without ever alerting you, then chances are they were using the Padded Steps perk. Padded Steps silences the sound of your footsteps whenever you’re not sprinting. This is great for those that wish to pull off stealthy flanks and disarm the bomb without alerting their enemies. 


Cloaked perk

Cost: $4,000
Users: Chaac, Phantom, Saint, Vy

As we stated earlier, vision-based perks are incredibly strong. The same goes for Rogues that have abilities tailored around exposing enemy locations. Keeping your movements hidden from any prying eyes can be rather tricky, especially when the ever-popular Dallas and Talon picks are roaming around. 

However, the Cloaked perk makes you immune to any Rogue abilities that would normally reveal your position. Consider purchasing this perk before going on those deep flanks. 

Rogue Company C-tier perks

Tracker Rounds

Tracker rounds perk

Cost: $10,000
Users: Gl1tch, Lancer, Phantom, Saint, Trench

Tracker rounds enable you to reveal an enemy to your team wherever you successfully damage them with your firearms. Those of you that have played Rogue’s like Talon and Dallas will know just how devastating vision-based skills can be. 

However, unless you’re planning to play solo and avoid communicating your team, then the overall cost of this perk is just not worth the price. In fact, It’s always better to use the in-game comms to call out enemy locations. 


Stalker perk

Cost: $6,500
Users: Chaac, Dallas, Lancer, Phantom

Rogue Company’s third-person viewpoint allows you to safely check corners without the need to constantly aim down your weapon’s sights. In fact, there’s very little reason to pick a perk that removes your aim down sights movement speed penalty. 

Stalker may be beneficial to those that want to methodically check every corner, but there’s really no need for this perk if you have decent map knowledge and positioning. 

Shredder Rounds

Shredder Rounds perk

Cost: $4,000
Users: Anvil, Chaac, Dima, Lancer, Talon, Trench

Aside from Anvil’s Barricade, there are very few defensive items that can’t be destroyed by either well-placed frag or gunshots. This does make the Shredder Rounds perk extremely situational, but the added ammunition bonus can prove useful. 

Even if you have a decent aim and land the majority of your shots, there may be times where a few extra rounds could have come in handy. This perk could become incredibly strong when more defensive Rogue’s are released, but for now, Shredder Rounds are rarely worth picking. 

If you use the best perks in Rogue Company, you’ll be able to secure more eliminations and wins in no time. For more guides, news, and leaks follow @RogueCoUpdates on Twitter.

Rogue Company

Rogue Company ‘All the Fixins’ update patch notes: New rogue, ranked beta

Published: 5/Nov/2020 17:20

by James Busby


Rogue Company’s latest content patch has finally brought the highly anticipated ranked mode to the game. The update also introduces a new Rogue and plenty of balance changes to Hi-Rez’s 4v4 shooter. Here’s everything you need to know. 

Rogue Company players have been waiting for a ranked mode ever since the game launched, but now fans can finally flex their prowess to the world. While the newly launched competitive mode may still be in beta, it’s certainly a welcome addition to the game. However, the ranked mode is not the only thing fans have to look forward to. 

The latest update has also introduced a new Rogue to the game’s ever-growing roster. There are also a number of tweaks to existing maps, weapons, and characters. Here’s everything you need to know about Rogue Company’s All the Fixins Update. 

New Rogue

The Fixer Rogue Company
Hi-Rez Studios / First Watch Games
The Fixer is the latest Rogue to join the team.

As the name suggests, the Fixer is known for his precision and high attention to detail. He is a peerless marksman that uses his deadly bolt action rifle to solve every problem. You can read up on all his weapons and abilities in the detailed patch notes below:



The Tyr is a bolt action .50 Caliber sniper rifle.

  • Body Damage: 70
  • Fire Rate: 3.85
  • Range: 50
  • Handling: 15
  • Mag Size: 2
  • Reload Time: 2.4




A low profile and lightweight semi-automatic firearm with a fast rate of fire.

  • Body Damage: 21
  • Fire Rate: 6.9
  • Range: 14
  • Handling: 28
  • Mag Size: 15
  • Reload Time: 1.7


  • Cluster Smoke
  • C4


  • Shredder Rounds
  • Berserker
  • Helping Hand
  • Bounce Back
  • Life Drain
  • Headstrong

Active Ability

Thermal Vision: While activated, see enemy heat signatures for a duration.

Passive Ability

Shrapnel Rounds: Damaging an enemy with a firearm will slow them for a duration.

Ranked Beta

Rogue Company ranked beta
Hi-Rez Studios / First Watch Games
You’ll need to be at the top of your game if you wish to climb the RoCo ranked ladder.

Rogue Company’s ranked mode has finally made its long-awaited debut in the All the Fixins update. In this mode, those who have reached level 30 can face off against players of similar skill levels and work their way to the top of the rankings. 

It will take a lot of skill and dedication if you wish to beat the game’s best, so don’t expect any casual games here. Hi-Rez will be adding more features to its ranked mode in the future, but for now, here’s everything you need to know:

  • Players must be Level 30 to participate in this mode.
  • Players can earn up to Ranked Level 30 through experience
  • Experience is gained from winning matches in Ranked mode however you will lose experience for losses.
  • There are rewards for playing 30 Ranked matches and reaching Ranked Level 30 during the Beta.
  • Ranked Beta will be played in the Demolition game mode.
  • Ranked Beta will not use the current skill-based matchmaking and will prioritize matches where players have comparable skill ratings.
  • Players will be able to queue in this mode in any sized party.
  • Ranked Beta matches will award 10% more Mastery experience.

Map adjustments

A number of adjustments have been rolled out for Rogue Company’s maps. Some of the fixes may be on the minor side, but they should help with the overall quality of the game. 


Hi-Rez Studios / First Watch Games
It should now be easier to catch any defending Rogues that are camping behind cover.

Adjusted mid-point by opening windows and rearranged cover.

High Castle

Rogue Company Highcastle rework
Hi-Rez Studios / First Watch Games
Explosive kills should now be a lot more viable thanks to this small tweak.

Adjusted the area near the tower bridge on High Castle by rearranging cover and adding a ‘backboard’ to allow for grenade bounces.


Simplified furniture and railing in a few spots on the map.

Rogue fixes


Fixed an issue that would prevent Anvil from deploying his Barricade.


The Bounce Back Perk (reduce your Health Regeneration delay) has been replaced by Tenacity (take reduced damage from explosives)


Ronin’s Ballistic Knife should no longer be used up if a player reclaims and equips it.


Fixed an issue where a green tint could be observed from her activated ability.


The Tenacity Perk (take reduced damage from explosives) has been replaced by Helping Hand (revives teammates faster).

Gadget buffs and nerfs

Flashbang (Chaac, Gl1tch, Talon)

  • Flashbang fuse time has been reduced from 2 to 1.75 seconds.
  • Fixed an issue where players would sometimes see a hitmarker on enemies outside of the Flashbang radius.

EMP Grenade (Dallas, Dima, Scorch)

  • Increased radius from 6 to 8 meters

Tear Gas Grenade (Trench, Vy)

  • Radius reduced from 10 to 8 meters.
  • Duration reduced from 8 to 7 seconds.
  • Slow effect was reduced from 25% to 20%.

Perk adjustments

Headstrong Update (Anvil, Dallas, Gl1tch, Scorch, The Fixer, and Trench)

When the player’s armor has taken damage and they are standing still, they gain an interact prompt to repair their armor.

  • Total repair time is 3 seconds
  • Similar to reviving, players will temporarily crouch and the repair will end if the player moves.
  • There will be an audio notification for the duration of the repair.
  • When the player finishes or interrupts repairing their armor, they must retrieve their weapon.
  • They may not interact with any other object during this repair.

Weapon balance

Assault Rifles

KA30 (Dima, Ronin)

  • Reduced the reticle bloom.


Nightshade (Vy)

  • Body damage was increased from 16 to 17.
  • Accuracy loss per shot was slightly reduced.

SL-C (Ronin, Scorch)

  • Fixed an issue where the Level 1 and 2 Upgrades had the wrong recoil.


D3D-i (Talon, Fixer)

  • Hipfire accuracy was slightly reduced.
  • Adjusted damage falloff range.

Mamba (Dima, Saint)

  • Range was increased from 27 to 29 meters.
  • Horizontal recoil was slightly reduced.

MX-R (Dahlia, Trench)

  • Hipfire accuracy was slightly reduced.
  • Range reduced from 31 to 27 meters.
  • Adjusted damage falloff range.
  • Fixed an issue where players would still show up on the mini-map when shooting after purchasing the Level 3 Upgrade.
  • Fixed an issue where this weapon had smaller reticle bloom than intended.


Spitfire (Chaac, Lancer, Ronin)

  • Reticle bloom was reduced.
  • Range increased from 8 to 9 meters.
  • Adjusted damage falloff range.

Executioner (Anvil, Dahlia, Dima, Gl1tch, Saint, Trench, Vy)

  • Damage falloff range was reduced.

Quality of life changes

  • Added a Telemetry setting that allows players to see their FPS information.
  • 3D audio which works with stereo headphones can now be toggled on and off in the settings.
  • Made improvements to lighting during the Rogue selection.
  • Skins, wraps, and emotes are now sorted by rarity on the Customization screen.

Surrender Feature Changes

  • Removed the surrender wait time in Custom matches. Now it can be called at any time.
  • Reduced the time needed to trigger a surrender after a player leaves from 3 minutes to 2.
  • Reduced the default surrender time (can be called when the team is full) to 4 minutes.


  • PlayStation 4 will now save the last mode played instead of defaulting to Demolition.
  • Fixed an exploit with Aim Assist via Deadzone settings.
  • Fixed an issue where the “money” effects from Heist Dima could persist when favoriting a new Rogue in the main menu.
  • Fixed an issue that caused players that have completed the tutorial to get the login pop-up again.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to throw melee weapons infinitely.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the News panel to appear every time the user logs in.
  • Fixed an issue where killing your Rogue with C4 in the Shooting Range caused a crash.
  • Fixed an issue where the bomb could be planted on top of an APS.
  • Corrected spacing in the surrender text strings (Surrender: Yes, Surrender, Surrender: You Voted Yes).
  • Corrected a UI issue that would sometimes block the purchase screen after a purchase and not allow the user to return to the main menu.
  • Fixed several issues causing crashes.
  • Addressed an issue where players could not shoot through barbed wire.
  • Fixed an issue which would prompt players to replay the Tutorial.
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes prevent Rogue Buck packs and other store content from loading.
  • Fixed a crash which could happen to players while joining a match and on the post-match summary screen.
  • Fixed an issue which could prevent players from opening the scoreboard and selecting a player to Report or Mute.
  • Fixed an issue which allowed certain controller settings to provide unintended levels of aim assist.