Dr Disrespect “leaks” his own Fortnite skin launch, but is it real?

Michael Gwilliam
dr disrespect in fortnite

Popular YouTuber Dr Disrespect shared a possible first look at his very own Fortnite skin, but chances are it’s just not real.

Fortnite was one of the first games to introduce skin crossovers with numerous different IPs and content creators ending up in Epic’s battle royale.

From Star Wars and Marvel characters to Eminem and Ninja, there’s no shortage of spectacular skins, but one creator has yet to receive his own: Dr Disrespect.

On December 19, the two-time shared footage of what appears to be his own Fortnite skin including a red car with his logo on it. The only question is, is it real?

Is a Dr Disrespect skin really coming to Fortnite?

Unfortunately, as cool as the skin may look, it doesn’t appear to be real. The screen notably shows the old Fortnite locker interface.

In a post on X, Dr Disrespect filmed his computer, where his Fortnite skin was on display holding a couple of trophies.

“Shh, let’s just keep this between us if you can,” he whispered as he cycled through cosmetics.

Fans were instantly blown away and couldn’t wait to get their hands on the skin so they could unleash their own variation of violence, speed and momentum in the battle royale.

“Honestly one of the few streamer skins I’d grab immediately!” one praised.

“I don’t play Fortnite but I’d play it just to buy this skin,” remarked another.

Fortnite has yet to announce a Dr Disrespect skin will be coming to the game, so this seems to be just an elaborate troll by the two-time.

Still, given the fan reaction, Epic may want to consider giving the skin a go, especially with fans willing to give Fortnite a chance if they can get their hands on the cosmetic.