Everything we know about Dr Disrespect’s own battle royale game

Brad Norton
Instagram: DrDisrespect/ YouTube: DrDisrespect

YouTube star Dr Disrespect is building his very own battle royale to compete with industry juggernauts like Call of Duty Warzone and Apex Legends. From the development team to the game’s concept, here’s everything you need to know.

When the two-time first announced his foray into game development, many were quick to laugh off his ambitions.

But with a brand new studio called “Midnight Society” being built from the ground up, and a lofty battle royale concept already in the works, the Doc could be gearing up to flip the gaming industry on its head.

As a former map designer on Activision’s CoD franchise, it’s safe to say he already knows a thing or two about the process. With hiring underway for a full-fledged dev team, it’s only a matter of time before we see Doc’s first game in action.

Naturally, it’s a battle royale title set to compete with the genre’s biggest names. While it’s early days yet and details are scarce, here’s everything we know about Dr Disrespect’s upcoming battle royale.

Dr Disrespect battle royale gameplay

Dredd tower
DNA Films
Dr Disrespect’s BR concept takes after the likes of Dredd, with the entire experience taking place in a single building.

At its core, Dr Disrespect’s first game functions like a standard battle royale with one key twist. Rather than fighting across a vast, open map, Doc’s title features just one massive skyscraper.

Fire spreads from the base of the tower and instead of fighting on a horizontal field, players must scale up the building and fight on each floor. This has teams racing to the higher stories not just for superior loot, but to escape the deadly flames as well.

There’s no telling exactly how the game may function beyond that, but given it’s Doc, it’s likely the game will be an action-packed FPS with plenty of violence, speed, and momentum.

We’re sure to hear plenty more once the game reaches its early playable stages.

Dr Disrespect battle royale concept art

It’s too early for any proper gameplay footage or teaser trailers, but that hasn’t stopped Dr Disrespect from teasing the project. 

Over the course of various YouTube streams in 2021, Doc occasionally brought up new concept art for the game. Brief flashes on his overlay were enough to have fans curious and we’ve grabbed all the frames here for you.

Dr Disrespect battle royale concept art
YouTube: Dr Disrespect
The building is set alight as players rush to escape the rising flames.
Dr Disrespect battle royale concept art
YouTube: Dr Disrespect
Dr Disrespect’s battle royale has players battling upwards through a skyscraper.
Dr Disrespect battle royale concept art
YouTube: Dr Disrespect
Could this be the final sector players have to reach in order to escape with the win?

Dr Disrespect battle royale name

Dr Disrespect’s very own battle royale title doesn’t yet have a name just yet. The concept art above is currently working with ‘Vertical BR’ as a loose label, though that obviously serves a different purpose.

Midnight Society is also the name of the new game studio founded by Doc to develop this project, so shouldn’t be confused with the yet unreleased name of the game.

There’s no doubt the two-time has a few ideas in mind, but we could still be quite a ways out from hearing any. So for now, we’ll just have to wait and see what Doc has in store for the battle royale’s title.

Dr Disrespect battle royale release date

Dr Disrespect’s upcoming battle royale is currently without a release date or even release window. As his game studio expands and new staff come on board, it’s difficult to gauge the exact scope of the project.

If it’s a more focused experience with just the singular map, a few weapons, and fine-tuned mechanics, we could be looking at a two or three-year development cycle. But if Doc has loftier ambitions, with potential AAA-caliber goals in mind, we could be looking at closer to four or five years instead.

Regardless, since we’ve only just started seeing concept art, it’s safe to assume early development has only recently kicked off. As a result, don’t expect to see Doc’s battle royale until late in 2023 at the absolute earliest.

Dr Disrespect battle royale teasers

Since the Midnight Society Twitter went live, there have been a number of cryptic teasers put out. Several names thrown around include “Claws” and “Sector Six” the latter of which could be a candidate for the actual name of the game itself.

Claws could refer to the player characters themselves, based on how it’s been used by members of the dev team so far.

One of the most interesting tweets so far potentially describes the gameplay of the new BR itself, reading “Gain access. Acquire the loadout. Push to the extraction.”

That little bit will sound very familiar to Escape from Tarkov players, which is a game Doc has sunk plenty of time into in 2022. Plenty other teasers and tidbits can be found on the game’s Twitter, and we’ll be sure to update as more details come out.

Dr Disrespect battle royale developers

Dr Disrespect development team
AAA teams typically have dozens if not hundreds of employees, so Dr Disrespect’s studio could be scaling up for quite some time.

Speaking of the development team, Dr Disrespect is starting fresh. Rather than outsourcing his ideas to a separate studio, the popular streamer is building his own called “Midnight Society.”

Hiring has already commenced and it’s set to be a fairly large team that will juggle multiple projects at a time.

Not only will the new dev team work on Doc’s own battle royale, but it also intends to partner with a number of “mega influencers” to bring their multiplayer ideas to life as well.