Dr Disrespect to design special 'Arena' map for Rogue Company
Rogue Company

Dr Disrespects special ‘Arena’ map design impresses Rogue Company devs

Published: 11/Aug/2020 20:50 Updated: 11/Aug/2020 20:54

by David Purcell


Streaming sensation Dr Disrespect has been on fire since his return on YouTube, and it looks like he’s going back to his map design roots already in Rogue Company, with a design that devs seem eager to support. 

UPDATE 8/11:

Dr Disrespect has come out with the first draft of his custom Rogue Company map called “The Arena”, and devs said they’ll be providing the 2X with anything he needs to make it a reality.

The layout has three landing zones on either end similar to the game’s Skyfell map and knowing Doc, there’s a good chance the scenery will resemble some of his iconic Twitch sets come to life.

However it ends up looking and more importantly how it will play, remain to be seen. But both Dr Disrespect and the Rogue Company devs seem game to make it happen.

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The two-time blockbuster video game champion has grabbed all the headlines of late, making a surprise comeback on the platform he started out on, after Twitch mysteriously banned his account. Still, he says he has no idea why it happened.

If there’s one thing Doc does better than anybody else, though, it’s evolve. His character is ever-changing, production levels getting better and better, and, to top all of that, he’s always trying new games for his audience to enjoy.

Rogue Company, to be exact. The third-person shooter has been generating huge levels of interest since it was first made playable.

dr disrespect youtube stream countdown
YouTube: Dr Disrespect
Dr Disrespect has incredible production levels for his streams, and Rogue Company players will be hoping they will soon get to see it in-game as well.

Hi-Rez Studios have already unveiled a content roadmap for 2020 that resembles that of Apex Legends on launch, but it’s still in beta at the time of writing. Free-to-play is just around the corner for the title, though, and cross-platform to boot.

After thousands poured into the Arena to watch his comeback stream on August 7, many asked him to jump into Rogue Co. It took him a few days, but at the start of the week he did – and is already looking to make his mark.

On Twitter, he said: “Hey Rogue Company, I like this game. Let me design a map. I’ll bring some Violence, Speed, and Momentum with the design. Easy guarantee.”

With 1.8 million followers and a worldwide reputation, this is an ideal opportunity for Hi-Rez to drive more players to the title.

Soon after, they sent out a response – or rather a challenge, for the streamer. They didn’t make things easy either.

“That’s a big ‘hell-yeah’ Two-Time,” they said, “but you haven’t designed a level since 1997. You think you can walk back and build an instant classic? How about this, you’ve got 24 hours to prove you can design a map. Then we’ll go from there. You in?”

Of course, he accepted.

Now it’s him against the clock in what could be a game-changer for Rogue Company. If he pulls it off, players might have the chance to dive into the Champions Club Arena for the very first time. Lose out, and well, nothing really will change.

Rogue Company have announced new maps will be added to their game in the future. That said, Doc’s fans will be hoping he pulls through and a bonus feature map may soon be added as well, with Dr Disrespect’s face all over it.

As soon as there’s a first look at the map, we’ll be the first to let you know.

Call of Duty

Dr Disrespect explains how Black Ops Cold War could be “so much more fun”

Published: 21/Oct/2020 3:29

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Dr Disrespect has chimed in on the much-maligned SBMM system used in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and other titles, and although he doesn’t blame Treyarch, the Doc is less than impressed with the system and wants it removed.

Dr Disrespect is all about violence, speed, and momentum. However, he hasn’t been able to spread his wings in Black Ops Cold War and fly like the eagle he was born to be, and he blames it all on SBMM.

SBMM, which stands for skill-based matchmaking, is a system used in many popular games to try and balance out lobbies.

Some players and developers think it’s a good thing, but many others believe it tends to ‘punish’ higher-skilled players like Dr Disrespect. It throws them into lobbies with other elite players, which results in ‘sweaty’ games where everyone is good and trying really hard to win.

The game becomes more serious and less casual, and it demands more effort, which is less than ideal for streamers like the Doc, who want to entertain.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is one of many games that uses SBMM.

Dr Disrespect has never been one to hold his tongue and mince his words on matters important to him. In his latest stream, he had a frustrating time playing Black Ops Cold War due to SBMM and shared his thoughts.

Man, that SBMM, what a… what a…” he said, struggling to find the words to summarize his rage. “SBMM results to exact same fight every single time.” It’s a sentiment shared by players from many different games and skill brackets.

“It has nothing to do with… game design,” he added.

“Treyarch knocks it out the park… I just think it has something to do with a lot of the technical stuff… I would take that tech out.”

Dr Disrespect
Dr Disrespect isn’t one to hold back on his opinions, especially when it comes to games.

Dr Disrespect knows that it isn’t Treyarchs fault. Instead, he refers to a “third-party” who works with them and “manages all the data and everything.” He says, “they’re able to make all these tweaks, and all that stuff,” and the fact that SBMM is implemented at all is “such a bummer.”

“I want some sheep in my lobbies,” he said. “I want a couple triple peekers. The game could like just be so much more fun. I don’t understand why they have it.”

The related segment begins at 3:38:30 in the video below.

Dr Disrespect isn’t the first person to express his concerns about SBMM, and he won’t be the last. However, the Doc is a pillar in the gaming community. He has also been involved in some behind-the-scenes level design, so his opinion has some weight.

Either way, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is still loads of fun. SBMM might even help you become a better player if you’re willing to embrace it.