How to buy & upgrade weapons in Rogue Company: spending tips

Bill Cooney

One of the major parts of Rogue Company is upgrading weapons, gadgets, and perks between rounds with your hard-earned cash, and we have everything you need to know to head into each match with the best loadout to take down the enemy team.

Similar to games like CS:GO and Valorant, Rogue Company is based on purchasing weapons, upgrades, gadgets, and perks each round, as you advance through the match.

The twist is, however, that everything sticks around even if you die, so you don’t have to worry about constantly re-buying your loadout each and every round you get eliminated.

If you’re not constantly upgrading your kit though, you run the risk of falling behind opponents and going into rounds at a disadvantage. To help you dominate matches, even more, devs have put together a great primer video on how buying works in Rogue Company, and we’ll break it all down below.

To start, you can’t buy anything if you don’t have money. Luckily though there are plenty of ways to earn cash during rounds, these include downing enemies, assisting teammates,  planting the objective, and yes, reviving allies as well.

The better you do in a round, the more upgrades and weapons you can afford, pretty simple right? To make it even easier, you can actually sell items you didn’t mean to purchase and get the money back by pressing Ctrl+Z on PC.

In the store itself, players are able to purchase and upgrade primary and secondary weapons, gadgets, melee weapons, and various perks to fit your playstyle. Don’t go all-in on perks too early though, as you’re weapons and gadget upgrades are arguably a more important part of your kit.

Weapons and gadgets can be upgraded to increase clip size, damage, area of effect, and more.

When it comes to spending that hard-earned cash, there are several routes you can take. In the pistol round at the beginning of each half for example, instead of upgrading your sidearm, it might be better to purchase some kind of gadget like a lethal grenade if you want to play aggressively. If you prefer to play it safe though it’s smart to save all your money so you can afford a primary weapon in the second round, whether you win or lose.

Another good tip is to only consider buying perks once you have a semi-decent loadout with a primary weapon, sidearm, and a gadget, then choosing the perk that will help you most, depending on your playstyle and how the enemy team is playing.

Hopefully, this rundown gives you a better idea of how the in-game economics work and gets you thinking about the ideal setup for your Rogue of choice. As always, be sure to follow us on Twitter @RogueCoUpdates For more Rogue Company tips & tricks, leaks, info, news, and more.