Roblox players hope long-awaited sequel to a classic game will save the “content drought”

Rishabh Sabarwal
Roblox Break In Story Thumb

Roblox players finally rejoice as they’re getting a long-awaited sequel to the classic game “Break In Story” this year. They hope that the game will rescue them from an ongoing content drought in the game and here’s what the player base thinks about the upcoming experience.

The growth of Roblox may be attributed in large part to the platform’s player population, who have played many games over the years and spread its popularity throughout their social circles. Popular games such as Blox Fruits, Piggy, and Adopt Me have all been on the metaverse platform since its inception.

But in 2019, Break In Story, a game about players’ survival skills to stay alive amid a purge, became viral on Halloween. The game was created by Cracky4, who previously created the popular Roblox experience Jailbreak.

Roblox Break In Larry
Break In is a classic purge-based game in Roblox.

Players’ goals in the game are to escape from The Purge and eliminate the bad guys. They are known as “The Purge,” and their leader is “Scary Larry,” who is responsible for wreaking havoc in the Roblox community by raiding games and causing mayhem.

However, a teaser for its sequel, titled Break In Story 2, was revealed, suggesting that a new Roblox game may be on the way. A “content drought” has been feared by players, but many feel rescued by the announcement.

Roblox players excited for Break In Story 2 to end “content drought” in the game

Roblox YouTuber KreekCraft tweeted a preview for an upcoming Roblox experience, which features a warning thumbnail very similar to the initial Break In Story page. Players have assumed that Cracky4’s Break In Story 2 is the next game despite the fact that the image just displays coming soon and highlights the author.

KreekCraft Twitter Thread
Roblox YouTuber KreekCraft shared his thoughts with the community on the upcoming game.

In response, a user commented, “After all these years, it’s finally here!” as they seem to be a fan of the classic Break In Story from 2019. Another one chimed in to say that the game is in their “Top 3 list of best games on Roblox” that they have ever played.

Expanding on this, a user shared their thoughts by saying how they got fed up with Roblox and instead “downloaded Fortnite because of boredom”. On the other hand, a user shared a video in the same thread, showing what seems to be an early alpha build of the upcoming Break In Story 2 which was currently titled “Flexible Place”.

The user claims it to be the actual Break In Story 2 test experience, which is now private and has the original author Cracky4 as the map creator along with an active player.

While there are still rumors about the game to hit later this year, players can surely hope to be saved from the “content drought” once it arrives in Roblox.

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