Resident Evil 4: How to unlock the Chicago Sweeper

Sam Smith
Chicago Sweeper

The Chicago Sweeper is bonus weapon in Resident Evil 4 that needs to be unlocked. Here’s how to get your hands on this devastating weapon.

The Chicago Sweeper, formally known as the Chicago Typewriter in the original Resident Evil 4 is a powerful machine gun that’s capable of cutting most enemies and bosses to ribbons. In the remake of RE4, the unlockable weapon can only be obtained after beating the game.

Once unlocked, the Chicago Sweeper can be used throughout the whole game, making it the perfect endgame weapon for speed runs – or revenge runs! Here’s how to unlock the Chicago Sweeper in the Resident Evil remake.

Chicago Sweeper
The Chicago Sweeper is just as powerful as the Chicago Typewriter.

How to unlock the Chicago Sweeper

To unlock this incredibly powerful and versatile weapon, you’ll need to complete the game on Professional difficulty with an A rank.

The Professional difficulty is even harder than Hardcore and is not recommended for first runs. One way to make unlocking the Chicago Sweeper easier is to complete the game on Assisted/Normal first, then enter New Game Plus on Professional difficulty with all your weapons and upgrades.

This will ensure you have a higher chance of surviving your run on Professional difficulty as ammo, health and gun upgrades will be less of a concern. You can also use the Infinite Rocket Launcher during this run, as doing so doesn’t prevent you from attaining an A rank.

Remember though, using weapons like the Chicago Sweeper and the Infinite Rocket Launcher in playthroughs will prevent you from earning at S+ rank and from completing certain challenges, such as unlocking the Handcannon.

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