How to solve the Resident Evil 4 remake church puzzle

Daniel Megarry
A screenshot of the Resident Evil 4 remake church puzzle

The Resident Evil 4 remake church puzzle is one of the first head-scratchers you’ll come across in the game, so we’ve put together a quick guide to help you find the solution.

Resident Evil games are known for their puzzles as much as their guns-blazing action. While there aren’t as many puzzles in the Resident Evil 4 remake when compared to the first few games, there are still some moments that will leave players confused.

One of these moments is the church puzzle that you’ll need to complete in the early stages of the game. When you enter the church, you’ll be faced with a mosaic window that’s all out of order, and it’s up to you to fix it if you want to progress further.

Below, you’ll find the church puzzle solution to help you continue your Resident Evil 4 remake journey.

The church puzzle requires a hidden item to complete it.

Resident Evil 4 remake church puzzle solution explained

The first thing you need to do when you enter the church is pull a switch to the left of the stained glass puzzle. This will reveal three dials inside the podium, although you’ll notice that the left one is missing.

To find this dial, turn around and head to the front of the church. Go left and follow the path around until you reach a cupboard at the end. Open it up to find the blue dial inside, which you need to pick up.

This is the cupboard where the blue dial is hidden.

Return to the stained glass puzzle and place the blue dial on the podium. With all three dials now fixed in place, you’ll be able to start turning them to align the various sections of the stained glass puzzle.

You can see the church puzzle solution below, but essentially, you need to turn each dial until the pieces of glass line up alongside the insignia at the center.

The solution to the Resident Evil 4 remake church puzzle
This is what the finished church puzzle will look like.

It’s not the easiest puzzle to solve when all of the colors are out of place and overlapping with each other, but there’s usually at least one piece of glass for each color that fits nicely against the insignia.

We would recommend starting with the green dial or the blue dial, as there are bigger pieces of glass that are easier to match up first. Once you’ve solved the puzzle, a door will unlock for you to proceed.

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